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A high school experienced computer and printer glitches when using outdated Novell software.....

Bucks County Courier Times, Pennsylvania

Sunday, January 16, 2000

Keeping pace with computer changes

A computer snag tangled up computer printers at Harry S Truman High School.

For about a month, teachers and some 100 students who use a computer lab at Harry S Truman High School have been frustrated with printers that had digestive problems; the printers were taking hours to spit out papers, including test scores.

Parents were frustrated, too, and came to school board meetings to complain.

Frank Koziol, the district's technology director, said the lab in question, Room C23, shares two printers with approximately 30 computers. One had a software problem, since fixed, and the other had a burned wire and was scheduled for repair.

"It may already be fixed,'' Koziol said.

Koziol said the computers have outdated Novell software, which glitched the system, he said.

"Few people know how to work on the system, so it took a little while to fix,'' Koziol said.

The printers should be almost glitch-free now, he said. Koziol said the school's 450 computers share 50 printers.

There are 11 computer labs, including six in the business department, which has 180 computers: two in the English department and two in the math department.

Truman principal Dr. Daniel Chandler said 30 new computers will be in room C23 by April.

"Out of the six labs in the business department, we have completely reinstalled three of them with 95 new computers with Internet connections and the most current software. All of those are running well,'' Koziol said.

Chandler said the pace of software change is quick.

"The ever-changing technology makes it hard on the district and other districts to keep up,'' he said. "The requirement to have a certain number of computer courses in order to graduate is slow in coming for most districts.''

By SHARON TEN HAGEN - Courier Times

-- Lee Maloney (, February 24, 2000

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