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..........ISLAMABAD (February 24) : The 'Millennium Bug' has continued to haunt various government departments, as compilation of statistical data for the fiscal year 1999-2000 has become a Herculean task for non-Y2K compliant computers, sources told Business Recorder.

..........According to sources the compilation of data is done in FoxPro programming but after being hit by the bug, the compiling of data for the current fiscal has become difficult, as computers are not giving the year as 2000.

..........The Federal Bureau of Statistics, sources said, was hit by the bug at the start of the new year, but emergency arrangements were made by the department to overcome the trouble.

..........A number of sources in various government departments confirmed that the Y2K bug has struck their computers but it has so far caused no major problems as computers are mostly used as typewriters in government offices.

..........Nobody asked them about their readiness to face the bug; neither the bug created any panic at the start of the millennium so every thing was declared all right, sources added.

..........Instead of FoxPro, sources in statistical wing of a ministry said, they have opted for another programme as government was pressurising them to provide latest data. "But changing of programme has added to our woes, as now government wants complete data with changed years, and this could not be done with these computers," sources added.

..........When sources were asked whether they had forwarded any complaints on this count to the higher authorities, they said that in an atmosphere of austerity and right-sizing drives no expenses are likely to be incurred on the computers. They said that few Y2K compliant computers are available but are being used either in the offices of ministers or secretaries.

..........They said that the bug is likely to make matters worse with every passing day and government must hire services of some agency to upgrade computers of various departments. ..........

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-- Dee (, February 24, 2000

-- Carl Jenkins (, February 24, 2000

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