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Let's say I am working with a limited budget, I am making my first film, and don't want to waste a whole bunch of money on an expensive camera if it isn't going to make that much of a difference. Should I go for the TRV900, which costs about $1800US, or can I get away with something for $1000US? It doesn't have to be a Sony. There are so many models out there tho, and I haven't heard anything good about any of them, except for the TRV900. Is it true that everything is crap below the TRV900? I do care about video quality alot, but I am not going to double the price for something that is only marginally better. Since I have no experience with DV camcorders, please give me your advice. Also, I am going to buy the Steadicam JR. Is the TRV900 too heavy for it? Thanks.

-- Dave Kerr (, February 24, 2000


You can't go wrong with the Sony TRV 900

-- (, February 28, 2000.

The three chips in the TRV 900 make it way better than any of the $1000 DV cameras out there. Its worth it for the better image quality you get.

-- bryce prevatte (, March 06, 2000.


I own both the TRV-900 and VX-1000 and I love both cameras. The 900 is packed with all kinds of awesome features--especially the huge LCD monitor. The TRV-900 works with the Steadicam JR but it's a bit complicated to achieve because you have to make a cable that converts Svideo-out to RCA-in for the JR's monitor. Cinema Products used to carry this cable but they don't have any right now. I made one on my own with no problem and it works just fine because the JR monitor is a reference monitor only and ultra-sharp picture quality isn't an issue for viewfinding on the Steadicam. The TRV-900 is a very lightweight camera but it's tripod mounting plate is too far back for the JR so I found that by adding 17 oz. of weight to the back of the JR camera stage gives me enough counterbalance to properly use the TRV-900 on the JR. Write to me for all the particulars if you like.

John Brune

-- John Brune (, March 14, 2000.

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