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I understand the differences between the two, but I still don't understand what they do. Are they different from other networks because they are geographically structured?

-- Lin Chojnacki (, February 24, 2000


Good Question...

So why do companies or now even homes for that matter have LANs and are connected to WANs?

-- Lane D. Rankin (, February 24, 2000.

Hi Lin! I'm not 100% sure either. We have a LAN (Novell) at my work. We have approximately 45 PC's tied to a central server in Fontana (which is our "L-Drive", and we are also tied to our Knoxville, TN server through our "P-Drive" (which has over 100 PC's on it!). This lets us share files with others in both offices, even though it's across the country. We are connected through a "T-1" line with constant internet access. I don't think we have a WAN, because we use the internet, and our own company "Intranet" which holds company information only. Clear as mud??

-- Dan Rugg (, February 25, 2000.

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