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Carter has always kept me guessing. I've watched a couple of episodes where he's came across as arrogant and too sure of himself. Then just a week or so later, he's showing alot of compassion and really taking time with the patients. I've always liked his character the best, and some of the episodes really grab hold of me: like the one where he took charge (chemical spill), or when him and Lucy were looking for the little girl's father (she died anyway), etc. I always see alot of real life reaction in how he deals with things; even when I want to shake him and say "Whoa, why are you acting like that?" Just my 2 cents.


-- Sam Eddleman (, February 24, 2000


I'm with you, Sam! I think the writers are letting us see him grow and change, with no soft-pedalling of his failures and mistakes along the way. I cringed for him when Ruby's wife died and cheered for him when he took over the evacuation of the ER during the chemical spill. Last night on the rerun his grandmother said, "I always wondered what you'd be like when you grew up," which I took to be an acknowledgement that he had. He's a complex character,for sure!

-- Chessie King (, February 24, 2000.

I was thinking that exact thing today. Carter is an extremely realistic character...maybe more than any character on TV. His actions and reactions are so much like how we are. He was an insecure, goofy med student and now he is coming out and trying to be professional, but still is just as caring. I think he is great and I think Noah Wyle deserves an Emmy for it (maybe after this he will get one.)

-- Elaine (, February 25, 2000.

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