interesting. last friday in georgetown (DC) a whole slew of manhole covers blew, power went out, and there was a fire underground for much of the day. they still "don't know" what the cause was.

well today, in arlington (just down the road), similar scenario--only they got it under control much faster. according to the news report, there was a transformer/circuitry problem underground.

let's see if we have a third one anytime soon?

-- tt (, February 23, 2000


Well, you know, I do recall that no one ever tested manhole covers for Y2K compliance. Probably their buffers got overstuffed or something like that.

Perhaps this will be the problem that eventually ends civilization as we know it. Remember -- when you are swallowed up by a non-Y2K compliant manhole, remember that you heard it here first.

-- E. H. Porter (E.H. Porter@just wondering.about it), February 23, 2000.

EH I don't believe manhole covers are the issue here. Maybe you should take a remedial reading course.

-- David Whitelaw (, February 23, 2000.


I find this interesting. Do you have a link to any local papers that are reporting this story. Thanks in advance.

To "Porter". You are a troll and if you aren't an idiot, you made a world-class effort at simulating one.

-- justwondering (, February 23, 2000.

Y2K related or not, I sure wouldn't want to be hit in the face with one of these flying metal frisbes while driving down the street. Gives new meaning to the term "roadkill."

-- Lurkess (Lurkess@Lurking.XNet), February 23, 2000.

Lurkess -- good post.

Justwondering and Mr. Whitelaw -- get a sense of humor (I believe they are on sale at Kmart this week)

-- E. H. Porter (E.H. Porter@just wondering.about it), February 23, 2000.

THIS WAS LAST WEEK'S INCIDENT. (I used the term "down the road" loosely. Actually these two sites are across the bridge from one another so I don't think physical proximity comes into play here) idx.html

[Fair Use: Posted for Education and Research Purposes]

Evans Seeks City Probe of Georgetown Explosions By Caryle Murphy Washington Post Staff Writer Monday, February 21, 2000; Page B01

D.C. Council member Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) said yesterday he wants a city probe of Friday's explosions in Georgetown that sent three manhole covers rocketing skyward, shattered shop windows and brought business to a halt for several hours.

"I'm not pleased yet with any of the responses we're getting," Evans said, adding that he will formally ask Mayor Anthony A. Williams (D) tomorrow to "appoint someone . . . to do a thorough investigation and to report back to the council within a month."

Erik Christian, the deputy mayor for public safety, said the D.C. fire department is working with Potomac Electric Power Co. and the Public Service Commission "to determine the cause and origin" of the underground blasts that occurred in the 3100 block of M Street NW.

"We will work closely with council member Evans" to pinpoint the cause, Christian said, adding that he expected a report on the explosions this week.

"We've got to get to the bottom of this, so it doesn't happen again," added Peggy Armstrong, the mayor's spokeswoman.

On Saturday, utility crews replaced aging underground copper cables that may have contributed to the midday explosions Friday. The blasts blew 80-pound steel manhole covers into the air, forcing 25 shops and restaurants to curtail business after power was temporarily shut off as a precaution.

Christian said city officials did not yet have "a complete answer" as to whether the age of the cables had a role in the blasts.

A Washington Gas spokesman has said technicians have found no evidence of a gas leak, and a Pepco spokesman said yesterday that the company had not yet found the cause of the incident.

Noting that Georgetown has "a lot of antiquated everything" under its streets and sidewalks, Evans said the incident should make the city more aware that "it's incumbent . . . to do this preventive maintenance that was not done for so long."

The council member also said that Friday's overcast, rainy weather probably saved lives because fewer people were out than ordinarily would be. "We got lucky this time because it was raining," he said. "On a sunny, beautiful day, you would have maybe 5,000 people on those streets, and on a summer night, Georgetown is packed."

) Copyright 2000 The Washington Post Company



********************************* HOLY COW. I DIDN'T HEAR ABOUT THIS ONE. I BELIEVE IT HAPPENED TODAY ALSO 2/23.

More Manhole Explosions in the District (Washington-AP) -- A manhole exploded at 10th and "L" streets, Northwest.

The explosion happened at about 5:45pm. Police believe it was some kind of electrical feeder line that put in too much power to that particular man hole cover, blowing it off. It has not interrupted power in the area and no one has been injured as a result of this incident.

Officials do not believe this recent is explosion is in any way connected to three manholes that exploded last week in Georgetown.

Federal arson investigators say they've found nothing suspicious so far about that incident.

As part of their involvement in last Friday's incident, ATF experts will go over the DC fire department's initial investigation.

Meanwhile, Pepco says it's hired its own specialist to look at the cables and run tests.

(Copyright 2000 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)


-- tt (, February 23, 2000.

EH I have a great sense of humor. I just hate to see a post get trolled.

-- David Whitelaw (, February 23, 2000.

LOL, Lurkess!!

-- Laugh (, February 23, 2000.


Thanks for the post. Hey porter you are still a troll! Take your own wits out to be sharpened.

-- justwondering (, February 23, 2000.

hahahah Lurkess--very funny--except I would likely be the road kill!!! this was damn close to my office. i could see the headlines now. i would much rather see a Squirrel ((King)) flattened on the road than me anyday. :-)

-- tt (, February 23, 2000.

Mr. Whitelaw -- why do you consider this a "troll"?

I think of it more as my subtle observation that this forum is becoming a place where every bad event is reported if it happens: (1) underground or in a pipe, or (2) in the air.

Why is this? What does this matter? Did the poster make any attempt to verify that this had any relationship to anything related to Y2K?

You seem to be of the doomer persuasion. Doesn't it bother you that no one seems to follow up on any of this? We get triplicate posts of every MD-80 flight problem. Surely someone by now has identified what if any date sensitive chips exist in that airplane. What are they? Where are they? Do they have any relationship to this problem?

Just a thought. By the way, glad you've got a sense of humor.

-- E. H. Porter (E.H. Porter@just wondering.about it), February 23, 2000.

Hey Porter

"...but nobody is making you read it. -- E. H. Porter (E.H. Porter@just wondering.about it), February 23, 2000. "

Take you own advice. This forum is evolving unlike you. If you do not like what you read then go back to debunkers where you fit in better.

-- justwondering (, February 23, 2000.

Oh, Justwondering -- that's why I still log on here. I'm just wondering exactly where this is going, and look forward to seeing what happens.

So, where do you see this forum as going?

-- E. H. Porter (E.H. Porter@just wondering.about it), February 23, 2000.

LOL, guess we all better weld the covers down like Times Square, that'll fix 'em! heh

-- Hokie (, February 23, 2000.

EH just in case you haven't noticed(may I suggest pulling your head out of the sand)this forum has changed a bit. While it's true that many Y2K events are posted there are just as many off topic ones as well. Many of us come here now to get the news. You know the stories the talking heads do not report.

-- David Whitelaw (, February 23, 2000.

Mr. Whitelaw -- I had noticed that. Hence the start of this thread. So, what do you see as the focus of this forum in the next few months?

-- E. H. Porter (E.H. Porter@just wondering.about it), February 23, 2000.

EH I see it maintaining the direction in which it is presently heading. A mixture of ideas and news Y2K related or not. This forum has become a great source of news thanks to the efforts of a couple of people on here. I believe we see a lot of the news before the people without the net get them. As I said when I first came here that I am here to learn and I try to keep an open mind. I just hate to see anyone that has taken the time to share an article being made fun of in anyway.

-- David Whitelaw (, February 23, 2000.


Where do I see this forum going? I cannot predict the future. I enjoy reading the posting of news that interest others. I like to see other lurkers coming out and posting. The hair stands up on the back of my neck though when trolls attack. This serves no purpose but to destroy the free exchange of ideas and repress those that would post had they been free from harrassment. Porter, I have been following your posts for some time now and have generally ignored your insidious attacks on others. This subtle form of intimidation restricts the real time exchange of information and serves no constructive purpose. So... where Porter do you think this forum is going? Don't you agree that it would be better without the troll attacks? Are you going to finally give up trolling? Do you really have anything of substance to add? Justwondering.

-- justwondering (, February 23, 2000.

From: Y2K, ` la Carte by Dancr (pic), near Monterey, California

From my son: I hope it's not The Blob!

It is reasonable to post about unexplained and unusual events, especially when they're suddenly beginning to happen in seemingly unrelated locations.

-- Dancr (addy.available@my.webpage), February 23, 2000.

I'm not sure that we have man hole covers here on the garden island of Kaua'i yet...most of the island doesn't have sewers or other underground utilities... Just another benefit of civilization that we can look forward to in the future, I guess.

-- Mad Monk (, February 24, 2000.

What do you expect with unrated, uncompliant, unable to take a charge, made in China, manhole covers? ...sdb

-- S. David Bays (, February 24, 2000.

Folks, Porter is just replacing ImSoLame. Evidently the assignment to TB2000 gets rotated among the staff every two to three months. He/she would probably rather be doing something else, unless he/she is really a sick person and enjoys being abusive to the posters on this forum.

-- Troll Stomper (DoomersUnited@TB2000.OurNet), February 24, 2000.

How on earth could an electrical cable make a manhole cover fly through the air? I can understand possibly getting zapped with one if it was charged but there has to be some pressure buildup to make it take off and fly, doesn't there?

-- Pam (, February 24, 2000.

I live outside DC and the local news has been full of the Georgetown story lately. The fire chief (or someone in such authority) conjectured that the salted preparation they used on the recent snows could have seeped into underground wires, causing some sort of short and causing the underground fire that built up pressure and sent those three manhole covers flying. They still do not know, but have added other experts to the investigation, I think perhaps they said FBI.

The news this morning about the new episode in Virginia, outside DC, was entirely different. They said that it was only one manhole cover, and it didn't fly anywhere, it "just popped" and settled down into the hole again.

I don't see anything diabolical here at the moment.

-- Elaine Seavey (, February 24, 2000.

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