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Oh come on you are all kidding yourselves! Xena Warrior Princess kicks doctor butt!

first of all:

1) Do they waste time with sanitary procedures on Xena? Nooooooooo. Result? Less time wasted on cleaning the wound, more time for action-packed fight scenes!

2) Do they wear cheesy white coats on Xena? No, she's a REAL woman, she kills her own clothes!

3) Howie Mandel's out of body experience has NOTHING on the cool magic junk that Xena does.

4) You think Carter/Lucy is dramatic? Xena almost dies in like... every episode!

5) Everybody's psychotic so everybody else carries a weapon in case one of the psychotic people is behind them with a knife.

6) Authentic storylines. So real. You'd think they were actual myths.

-- Geri (, February 23, 2000


If she almost every episode doesn't that get old after a while?!?

-- (, February 24, 2000.

Way to go, Geri! Your post is a real hoot! It made my day!

-- Chessie King (, February 24, 2000.

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