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Did any one catch Today show with Alex Kingston being interviewed by Katie Couric? I missed the first half where I'm sure she must have mentioned Lucy's character leaving or something like that. I only caught the last half of it where she was talking about hthe strong new characters and how she wanted her character to continue the relationship with Benton. Any one wanna fill me in on the rest of the interview? Thanks!

-- Danette Preston (, February 23, 2000


They showed the clip where Lucy said "Thank you", and then cut to Alex, and she was about to tear up. She said it was the first scene she shot for the show and she had to go compose herself afterwards. She said she thought Kellie Martin was very brave for subjecting herself to the prosthetics that they had to use for this epi, and talked about how realistic they were.

She said it was the most difficult episode she'd ever done, that it was hard on Eriq LaSalle, too. Then she talked about Kellie leaving because her character wasn't really going anywhere. She mentioned that it was difficult with so many new characters to keep interesting stories for all of the characters, and that's when Katie got into asking her about the number of strong new characters (which is I guess when you tuned in).

Additionally, it seems Katie Couric is quite the ER fan. She kept referring to the characters by their names rather than the actor's names, and at one point said "It's just a tv show, right?" and laughed at herself.

-- RA (, February 23, 2000.

I saw the interview also and it was great to see one of the actors show emotion after watching the scene. It was nice to know that it was draining for them as well as the viewers. also she talked about how brave Kellie Martin was with wearing the prosthetics and having everyone poke and prod at her. It was nice hearing respect for fellow actors from one of their own. She seemed to understand why Kellie left and also felt a little nervous when new faces showed up. Excellent interview. Very warm and heartfelt.

-- gail (, February 23, 2000.

She alsi talked about trying to persuade TPTB to keep the Corday/Benton romance going and that she hadn't worked with "Tony" as she called him(Anthony Greene) a lot and they just kind of threw her into that romance.

-- mckenzie (, February 23, 2000.

Anthony Greene? You mean Anthony Edwards? or Mark Greene?

-- (, February 24, 2000.

I'm confused. Did Alex Kingston say that she wanted her character to rekindle the romance with Peter Benton or that she wanted to continue her romance with Mark Greene?

-- Indira (, February 26, 2000.

Alex wanted the relationship with Benton to continue and she said it was hard for her to start a relationship with Mark because she didn't work with him much and know him that well, but she is fine with it now.

-- Danette (, February 28, 2000.

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