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How can i do to implement a program that clients register first with their personal information and then go to the shopping catalog of course this information will be protected with a login and passsword, and when the users register the final order, the page demo.html that have the form with the buy2 command, will retrieve the personal data of that client, that was saved earlier.

I hope that someone can help me implement this features.

Thanks in advance

-- Manuel Tavares (, February 22, 2000


This would be really easy. Send a customer information form with all the hidden tags required by S-mart. Parse the form and write a database using the cart as a filename. When buy2 would normally have been used, open the file (db) and read the information into the fields or keep it serverside and just process the order.

This is actually a very interesting idea. Some sites are more 'serious' and pre-qualification is a good idea.

Hey, Eddie. Are you out there. How's about me and you....

-- Gregory Swofford (, February 24, 2000.

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