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Text of report by Ukrainian radio on 22nd February

Ukraine: Energy minister appeals to public to save electricity Source: BBC Monitoring Former Soviet Union - Political

The Minister of Fuel and Energy, Serhiy Tulub, has appealed to the citizens of Ukraine. The reason for the appeal is the situation that has come about in the state's fuel and energycomplex. Even with sufficient available generating capacities atatomic, thermal and hydropower stations, power engineeringworkers are currently unable to satisfy the requirements for public production of electricity and heat supply, the appeal says. In order to improve the current situation in the country's fuel and energy complex, Serhiy Tulub called on all compatriots to restrict as far as possible their everyday consumption of electricity and gas, to check all possible sources of wastage of heat and energy, to find the possibilities of paying for consumption of electricity and heat energy on time.

Appealing to the miners, the minister of fuel and energy called on them to provide timely extraction and delivery of coal topower stations in the required amounts.

-- Martin Thompson (, February 22, 2000

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