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Did you notice that in last weeks episode Abby was talking on the phone to someone regarding a "bounced check" and how she was expecting a check to come in. Abby said to the person on the phone that "she would take care of it". then Carrie walked in and asked if everything ws alright. I am interested to know how financial problems are going to fit into Abby's story line. Abby is still getting settled in and perhaps her medical school is draining all the $$ she has?!

-- margaret reeves (, February 22, 2000


Maybe she'll set her sights on marrying Carter and ingratiating herself with Gamma Carter--we know how well Carter dealt with Anna's lack of cash situation. Oh, but that would mean the writers would have to refer back to a situation that happened in the past -- not too likely!

-- nancy (, February 22, 2000.

Carter doesn't have family money anymore, remember? He gave all that up.

-- Susan (, February 22, 2000.

Someone in another forum mentioned that Abby must be divorced now, because of what she told that old lady in Feb. 17th's eppy. Maybe she was expecting a check from her husband and it bounced. Although if she didn't have a kid, it wouldn't be a child support check. Maybe he is just supposed to be sending her money or something?

-- mel (, February 23, 2000.

You get alimony even without kids right?

-- (, February 23, 2000.

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