ok carters name?

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ok has anyone notice we never call jhon carter ,jhon we allways call him carter!!!!!!!!did anyone catch this ?

-- rachel (thehilfigergirl@aol.com), February 21, 2000


yeah, everyone on the show calls john carter, carter. i have pointed this out to people for a long time. seeing as how john is just one syllable carter is more effective. at least this is my kind rationalization. sometimes i think that it's the writers way of showing that carter has yet to be fully accecpted and respected by his peers. only jing-mei, whom carter insists on calling deb, calls carter by john. this is b/c they go way back and are "friends". even jerry, the receptionist, told people that it was just carter, not dr. carter. for some reason no one calls him by his forst name. as of yet, carter doesnt seem to have verbalized any objections, he has merely accepted it. maybe after all of what has happened the others will realize that they havent given him the respect that he has earned over the years.

-- kerry (doughboy987@hotmail.com), February 21, 2000.

I also recall an episode when Susan and Carter were on the roof and she makes note of this fact, and he calls her Susan, to which she replies, John. Then she says it's just not the same... He's been Carter ever since.

-- Cathy (cybercathy@msn.com), February 21, 2000.

who knows, maybe he just doesn't like the name John.

-- Cai (mohawk@xmission.com), February 22, 2000.

I'd LOVE it if someone else called him "John" by now. Jing-Mei is the most prominent, and the pediatric surgeon he dated in season 3 (played by Glenne Headley) also called him John. Wouldn't it be freaky if Benton called him "John?!"

-- Chris A. (movibuf@juno.com), February 22, 2000.

Kerry used to, and still does sometimes, call him John.

-- Lisa (Shaniakicks@hotmail.com), February 22, 2000.

Side note: Jerry wasn't a "receptionist" - they call them "clerks".

-- Susan (sooz@texas.net), February 22, 2000.

to the person who posted the original question: don't you have spell check???

-- Linda (l.brown@mindspring.com), February 22, 2000.

Well I for one for some reason prefer Carter to John, though I do like it when once and awhile, out of affection, someone calls him John. All of his girlfriends have called him John, obviously, and I think even Doug called him John once after he apologized for sleeping with the med student Carter was dating (Doug apparently didn't know they were dating...I don't know why I remember that, but I could be wrong) Anna DelAmico called him John a lot when he was upset about his cousin.

As for calling him Dr. Carter, Lucy always called him that when she needed help and Anspaugh calls him Dr. Carter. Although I guess these people automatically should call him that.

-- Elaine (mrsclooney78@hotmail.com), February 23, 2000.

People that are close to him call him John. Lucy was calling him John for a while, I think Anna did, Kerry has during and after he rented her basement, Jing-mei (he's the only one who can call her Deb) Susan now calls him John but didn't earlier, and Abby Lockhart called him that but she's been calling him John lately when she's been mad at him...and of course the other Carters.

-- Becky (jctrio33@hotmail.com), February 21, 2002.

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