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Okay, so now that all of this has happened, I am trying to remember Carter and Lucy moments. First of all, I have not been watching very loyally this season because after Doug left the only thing that kept me watching was the Carter and Lucy attraction (which died out very abruptly after their kiss) and the hope that Carol would lure Doug back (which also died out...but we'll see in May?!) So since both of these subjects seemed nonexistent this season, I have missed a few episodes. So, I am asking if anyone would like to inform me of any good moments that occurred this season between these two, I would greatly appreciate it. And maybe even some from last season. Of course I remember around the time that Carter started getting protective (and perhaps jealous!) about her seeing Dale, and then they kiss, but then after that, there was nothing! Then the issue about her taking ritalin came up, and he seemed concerned, but then all of a sudden he's rude to her again and she's telling him she knows he never liked her (last season's finale). So any sweet Carter/Lucy moments to remember would be great.

Also I have a few specific questions:

When did Carter start supervising Lucy again this season?

Did the situation everyone was laughing about at Doc Magoo's with Vanessa actually happen in an episode? I didn't think so, but it would have been funny if it did.


-- Elaine (, February 21, 2000


There was an episode earlier this season (I think it was this season) where Lucy and Carter were playing a lot of practical jokes on each other. It was a cute little interchange and made me feel like they had reached a comfortable level of friendship. I don't remember if that incident they were describing at Doc Magoo's was one of those practical jokes or not.

-- Polly (, February 21, 2000.

There was an episode where Lucy was treating a patient who taught Tai Bo--he was giving her pointers and she accidently kicked the down in and knocked Carter on his butt. She apoligized greatly. There was another instance when Carter and Lucy were treating a patient and after he left Lucy turned to the nurse and asked "was he just looking at my a--". She shook her head in agreement. Those were good moments between the two of them. Unfortunately, no much came of it because they soon paired Carter up with the insurance salesperson-big mistake, in my opinion.

-- Carin (, February 21, 2000.

There was also the time that Lucy went to look for a patients father, who needed his blood or she'd die. She and Carter worked together to find him - bickering alot, but at the end of the day they gained more respect for eachother. Then there was the time that Lucy was drawing blood from an AIDS patient while Carter was doing something to him, and Carter accidentily made him jump which stuck Lucy with the needle. Of Course Carter was concerned and helped Lucy out. Then there was the time that a patient needed a transplant while another had died. Carter was getting upset because the parents of the patient who died would not donate. Lucy went to talk to them. She and Carter were sitting on the stairs and Lucy told them that the parents had desided to donate afterall. Carter said that it was a miricle, and Lucy smiled and told him that she talked to them.

I'm trying to remember more myself, so if anyone has anything else let us know!:)

-- Shauna (, February 23, 2000.

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