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Hello all,

First of all, let me say thanks to all the people who have been able to answer previous questions of mine; your experience and knowledge have been invaluable.

And now, the question: I've got a Sony DCR-TRV510, and I'm trying to find a microphone I can hook up to it to record sound. Without a microphone, it tends to have that "home video echo" that you usually get on a regular camcorder mike. My question is: is there a specific brand or style of mike that I should look for? My camera has a plugin for "external microphone" and "power" (it's adjacent to the mike port, so I assume that's what it's for, there's already one for the cam power), so I guess it'll have to hook into that. Suggestions?

Thanks again!

Earl Newton

-- Earl Newton (, February 21, 2000

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