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For any circumstance, how hard was it for you to forget and move on?

-- suzen (, February 20, 2000


I remember everything horrible that has ever happened to me. I still think about everything every now and then, and it makes it very difficult to move forward. I live in the past.

-- Amber (, February 21, 2000.

I've been getting better at telling myself certain situations are bad for me. This situation is going to be hard though...he's leaving...and going far far away up into Alaska. I may never see him again. I've had a thing for this guy...this man...this boy...for a year and a few weeks. It was hard enough to say goodbye the first time...this time just may kill me.

-- Tiffany (, February 21, 2000.

A goodbye is only painful when you know you'll never say "hello" again.

-- stephanie (, February 21, 2000.

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