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-- ER Online (, February 20, 2000


I think the head action on Carter after he found out about Lucy's death said it all. I am of the opinion that he really loved her. The facial expression said it all, for me. As for the rest of the ER, I think that this will have a lasting effect on all of them because Lucy was just so likable. Carter and Lucy had a similar relationship to the one I have at my job, with one major difference I have seniority over the guy in this case. I thought that Carter and Lucy would have made a perfect pairing. The chemistry was there, and they were so perfect for each other. I'm sure that they will have some sort of tribute to Lucy's character, but the show was well done. I have to admit it's easy to imagine that you are in on the action, and actually a character. I found myself crying so hard at the end of the show. I had to watch the episode a second time just to make sure I hadn't dreamed any of it, and that Lucy had really died. It was that surreal. It was well done, and the cast deserves major kudos for a job well done. It must have been so hard to portray all those emotions and keep in character.

-- Bridget Sullivan (, February 20, 2000.

I think that Carter will be especially upset about Lucy. When you see him after Benton confirms Lucy being dead he has a look of pure pain and anguish. I am hoping in the weeks to come they will follow this because I love Carter, and thought he and Lucy were the perfect match. I think that also Luka and Green will be upset, because they will end up blaming themselves, like during agrument with Weaver during All in the Family. The only person I think didn't seem to show emotion is Carol, but she will- she is an emotional person.

-- Leslie Gordon (, February 22, 2000.

I agree with what Bridget Sullivan said.Carter's head action said it all. I think in the next few episodes Carter will turn into 'Mr.Depressed'. He'll feel guilty for not really listening to Lucy.He won't be all that intrested in getting better. All in agreement with the other comment ,what was up with Carol? She acted like she didn't care all that much. The rest of the staff will be in a state of shock-except Romano-. He'll go back to being mean trying 2 cover up the fact that fact he really did care for Lucy.

-- Colleen McAdams ( or, February 22, 2000.

It's already been hinted in "be Patient' that Carter's in absolute anguish over Lucy's death. He blames himself for what happened by not paying attention to her while she tried continually to present her case -something which carter knows by now he did one time too many.He almost definitely feels he could've prevented things by simply, as Greene warned him; "supervising more closely". But instead he was too wrapped up in the patients he was following -once again, a problem Carter and Lucy have had from day one.And the talk he had with Lucy's mother was most likely 'the straw' -I don't know if I agree that Carter and Lucy would've made a couple but they certainly had issues with sharing their feeings of respect for each other, "She was very good -much better than I ever gave her credit for.." Last but not least I believe Carter is probably in emotional agony over the amt of damage done to Lucy's body by the incident -he can only imagine how much pain she must've suffered...

The rest of the staff will definitely never completely get over this either- Lucy WAS very likable and at her young age kind of a 'kid sister' figure to the er staff. Weaver and Greene were both particularly fond of her from her 1st day.

I feel it's absolutely essential that the producers follow Carter's torment thru here. with Lucy gone, his travel thru pain, denial, etc and finally acceptance is going to be a key ingredient in thefurther development of my favorite character from episode one on.

-- vince f smith (, February 27, 2000.

I agree with everyone.But I also think that Carter will blame himself for not helping Lucy with Paul.And hopefully the rest of the ER staff will help him see that it was not his falt,and that he little control over what happened.And the expression on Corday's face at her appartment said that she felt bad about Lucy's death too.

Elizabith Corday to Romano:"It's so sad that we have to cut this poor girl up."

-- Christi Crain (, February 27, 2000.

Well, In Elizabeth's case you have to remember -she practically promised Lucy she'd see her through -and then due to a cruel twist of fate, didn't. Ditto the cutting up thing. God -wiring together of the breastbone, most likely permanent tracheotomy , and removal of her spleen- very little chance of a really good recovery there -and permanent disability of some form if she did. I try to imagine what I'd feel like having to give that news and can't.

-- vince f smith (, February 27, 2000.

btw, here's an interesting question; How do you think Carter IS finally going to come to terms with Lucy's death? A heart to heart w/ Benton or Chen? Or Mark? A combination of the above? Therapy? Or will we see Robin Knight or another member of Lucy's family console him? Hmmm...

Carter (fibbing to Ms. Knight to put her mind at ease); "Well, I didn't really know what was going on. Everything happened so fast. I didn't really feel anything."

-- vince f smith (, February 27, 2000.

Okay, so I'm weird, but this is my little fantasy. Carter is Mr. Depressed for several episodes, finally returns to the ER, everything reminds him of Lucy, he goes up to the roof of the hospital (love that setting) monolog by Carter speaking to Lucy, regrets, guilt, depression....hidden feelings for Lucy (I'm a Carter/Lucy person who, even though Lucy is dead, still stubbornly wanted them to get together (they HAD to kill her off, they couldn't just let her leave CCGH!) and now lives on fan fiction. OR....Carter heart-to-heart with...Kerry. Yes, people, Carter, Lucy, and Kerry are my fave characters. Kerry may seem a little harsh at first, but I think she's actually a very sweet character with a truly fantastic personality. My opinion is that if they had killed Carter and Lucy, I might pull a Paul Sobricki on Michael Crichton, John Wells, and Lydia Woodward. J/K. Now, I've only been watching ER since the beginning of season 6, so if any of this info clashes with the ER background, sorry!

-- Monica (, February 28, 2000.

I am also a Carter/Lucy fan who is still waiting for some sort of emotional outpouring from Carter, although I am quite satisfied with what he's shown so far, especially in "Be Patient". The whole conversation with Lucy's Mom (Who looked so much like her) was heartbreaking. I have a wild idea that Carter and Benton should go on a road trip to visit Lucy's grave (She's probably not buried in Chicago). There, Carter could say his final apologies and goodbyes to Lucy, but I also like the rooftop farewell idea. Only time will tell, but I do see an emotional breakdown in the future for Carter.

-- Jenny (, March 01, 2000.

LOVE the idea of a rooftop visit -It would be so perfect -since it was where Carter and Lucy had so many talks, including Carter's chastisement in "Vanishing Act" ("If you ever lie to me again, you can look for another rotation.") who can forget the heart to heart in "Fight the good Fight"? Hey! I decided to try something I've never in my life evne considered- I'm writing a script myself and sending it in -doubt Crichton and the rest will even look, but I just gotta try!

-- vince f smith (, March 03, 2000. appears we're going to see at least SOME more lasting effects on Carter in this upcoming ep - an emotional catharsis about Lucy? Oh, wow, i hope so...

-- vince f smith (, March 17, 2000.

I think Carter will be very depressed. He is the reason Lucy's dead. He'll probably relive the moments especially if he has to back in that room where it happened.

-- Cammie (, March 17, 2000.

IDEAL: Carter's guilt/realisation of feelings for Lucy take him so deep into depression/confusion that his memories become twisted in with 'wishful thinking'; and the viewer gets one last sight of Lucy, with Carter, together (in his 'hallucination' - whichI know ER could pull off sans tack) a laying to rest of disturbed ghosts/minds - could happen at the site of stabbing/ or Lucy's grave - I don't mind, so long as I see them kiss one more time!. Or does Lucy's screen death really mean she'll not be appearing under the banner of ER again? Please don't tell me that was the whole point?

-- Ebeneezer Good (, April 20, 2000.

Yes, unfortunately it was. Kellie Martin felt (rightly so imho) that Lucy wasn't being given enough good story lines this season and this is why she left thhe show and thus why Lucy was killed. Since her exact words were something to the effect of "i felt it was time to move on', i doubt she'll appear on er again -and if she does, it certainly won't be as Lucy.

How about those hallucinations/flashbacks plaguing Carter? Well done.

-- vince f smith (, April 29, 2000.

I was disappointed in the way the episode ended, everyone just wnet back to work like nothing had happened. Lucy was dead, Carter injured and it seemed as if no one cared, and then the next episode, I think they should have given a little more to the Lucy issue. Lucy and Carter are my favorite characters and I cried for like an hour after the show ended because they had her so cruely killed. I had heard that they were originally going to have Lucy shot and she was going to have died in Carters arms(tear). I think they should have Carter admit to someone that he was in love with Lucy!!!

-- Kristi (, June 09, 2000.

First of all Lucy just shouldn't have died. What should have happened was this....... Carter is about to leave the ER for the night, when something makes him turn back. He doesn't see Lucy anywhere and goes to look for her. He enters the exam room and suddenly hears something behind him. He whirls around and tackles Paul, knocking him unconsious. Carter then yells for help and it gets really good because he sees Lucy. He runs over to her and starts to do CPR. Mark, Carol and Kerry come in and they get her on a gurney. A whole bunch of medical stuff happens and Carter ends up screaming the he loves her when she goes into V-Fib. She ends up in a coma and awakens a couple of weeks later. Her and Carter then get together.

-- Suzee (, June 20, 2000.

i think that carter wanted to marrie lucy and he love her so much and all the cast will love lucy 4ever

-- anilu luna valdez (, January 03, 2001.

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