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an old question but have never known the answer. Does Doug know about his newborn twins?

-- jay (, February 20, 2000


After Carol delivered, she asked Abby (an OB nurse at the time) if she can call Portland (where Doug is) on her room I guess we are supposed to assume she called him, but you probably already knew that happened...I do not remember it being brought up again...too bad, I think it is very out of character for Doug (the "new" Doug) to have stayed away this long.

-- Elaine (, February 20, 2000.

It is out-of-character for him to stay away, though it is very in character for him to do as Carol says. *sigh* How complicated. And actually, Carol asked to call "Seattle." Apparantely that job offer in Portland didn't work out, and he had mentioned the city has a possibility before he left.

-- Leigh (, February 20, 2000.

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