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Has anyone tried Ilford's new Ilfotec/DDX? Apparently this is the consumer version of the machine process Ilfotec/DD. (DD for "dip and dunk") There was a write up on it in Photo Techniques and I was thinking of testing it out on some Delta 100. They only mentioned times for 35mm, however. Anyone have a clue as to its use with 120?

-- Walter Massa (, February 19, 2000


Go to Ilford's site. They have put up a fact sheet in .pdf format. Of course, you may have to adjust times for your own equipment/style. Let us all know how it works!

-- Paul Harris (, February 20, 2000.

The Ilford films are the same in all formats; whatever works for 35mm is appropriate for 120, although any variation in your agitation techniques may cause slight differences.

Also, you may use DD-X at various dilutions, not just 1:4, especially if the 1:4 development time is too short.

It works as essentially a liquid version of Microphen although development times may be longer.

-- John Hicks (, February 20, 2000.

I found it to be a nice but expensive developer for pushing. I used it to uprate Tri-X to 3200 and TMZ to 6400. To cut cost I use 90 ml in a 450 ml tank for 2 135 and reuse this solution directly with the next films and dump it afterwards giving 44 films instead of 22 out of a litre. (Ilford said, we do not recommend it - but it works) Open stock solution live is said to be 3 months. Works well for me, but Xtol 1:1 with Delta 400 was nice also.


-- Wolfram Kollig (, February 21, 2000.

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