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I just watched the feb 17-2000 episode again and I was struck by the scene when the surgeons were scrubbing before the surgeries on Carter/Knight. Usually while they scrub they chatter incessantly but on this show in particular--there is complete silence. Lots of meaningful looks but no conversation. Just utter shock.

-- joan (, February 19, 2000


I agree. That was a really powerful scene! Very well done.

-- Kim (, February 19, 2000.

I just found a copy of the show and watched it. Wow! And yes, I felt the scrubbing scene was incredibly powerful! Though not a word was spoken, the expessions on their faces said volumes. It gave me goose bumps just watching it.

-- Bill Mitchell (, February 21, 2000.

Not only the scrubing, but the last scene where Kery comes in to help Romano close Lucy's chest, and the scene is completly silent, no music (I don't think) and Kerry crutch didn't tap on the ground like it usually does. They must have muted it somehow.

-- Teddy (, August 13, 2001.

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