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One of the things that I haven't read much about in everyone's comments is how well "Lizzie" and Romano worked together to try to save Lucy's life. At one point in the show's history she was reporting his harassment to Kerry and now they have developed a mutual respect for each other that I thought was touching. I could actually see something between the two of them in the future when before this season it would have appeared impossible. He just isn't as big a jerk as he tries to appear to be and I think that one of the only people who see that is Elizabeth. It was startling and touching that he took the surgical tray and flung it across the room when he realized that she was gone. Has he ever shown so much sympathetic emotion excluding his love for his dog (which takes him up several notches in my book)?I wonder how many times Romano has closed on a case where the patient expired on the OR table? It was his kindness to "Miss Knight" I think that touched a lot of us. Almost as much as Peter's soft spot for his former student and should we be so bold to say his friend? Romano and Peter both having some sensitivity in the same episode! WOW! Loved the whole episode from Lucy's tear to Kerry puking her guts out. I hope the season finale and Carol's departure are handled as magnificently by the writing team!! No more tear jerkers though! I'm exhausted!

-- joan (, February 19, 2000


They are two very, very charismatic characters and I totally agree! I used to hate Romano, but ever since Lucy went begging at his doorstep, my mind was changed.

-- Heather (, February 20, 2000.

Thank you Joan for pointing this out. I just finished (JUST finished) a letter for the 'comments' board where I indirectly mention the same thing. IMO this episode had especially intense performances which resembled the old live television anthologies of the 50's, and this is largely due to the Romano-Corday scenes. Two sequences stand out: The trucking scene of Lucy's gurney wheeling down the hall while they run behind it debating how they're going to treat her blood clot(s). The second scene is the death itself, and we see them both acknowledge Lucy's demise- but not at the same time. When Romano angrily flings away the tray it is especially electrifying. Both actors delivered stand-out performances, and it is hard to imagine what they may do for an encore.

-- Chris A. (, February 21, 2000.

Lizzie didn't report him for harassment, Doyle did. Kerri then went to Liz to ask her if he had ever said anything to her, and she mentioned a couple of minor incidents which she didn't really seem to think constituted harassment.

-- (, February 22, 2000.

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