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.....did you all see the way he casually asked how Lucy was doing, then, he was in the middle of a sigh when he suddenly stopped and got this ghostly appearance on his face and said 'Lucy's dead isn't she'? Wow. He said a long time ago he had a similar reaction when his brother died, that he just 'knew'. I thought his reaction was great. I can't wait to see how he deals with all this later, but we've all been saying that since last weeks ep!


-- Phantom (, February 19, 2000


Actually, I think he was frustrated that Benton hadn't answered him when he asked the first time, and was taking a breath to repeat the question, when he realized that Benton had intentionally avoided answering him in order to protect him from the awful truth. Carter merely recognized a tactic he himself had used countless times with his own patients: avoiding telling them something upsetting until they are well enough to handle the news.

-- Marcy (, February 19, 2000.

I did notice that!! I think, because of his brother, he *knows* these things. Did you see how he was looking almost past Benton, to the side? Perhaps it's just my "X-Files" controlled mind, but it seems as though there was a presence. He definately has a sixth sense for this type of thing.

-- Leigh (, February 19, 2000.

"Ghosts" is the episode when Carter told about his brother's death. The little girl knew that her daddy was dead shortly after she awoke from the anesthesia, making it unnecessary for Carter to breatk the bad news. Dr. Abby Keaton later said "kids know", based on her pediatric experience. Carter has been portrayed as a very sensitive person, and whether it was psychic ability or keen awareness of bedside manner, I felt it was a perfect way for him to initially confront the death of his friend. It emphasized the transition from a father/son to brotherly relationship between Benton and Carter.

-- Mari (, February 21, 2000.

I agree with the first answer. I instantly knew that he knew because of the "putting off" Benton was doing. It was like a light went off in his head. I almost cryed. It was still very emotional to me, to see it all come together suddenly for him.

-- Mercy (, February 21, 2000.

Did any of you notice that after he realized what Benton wasn't telling him, there was all of a sudden all of these lights around Carter? In the end it cut to Elizabeth's mother, but when it first happened I was wondering if TPTB were throwing in like a vision from the dead or something.

-- Cai (, February 22, 2000.

I did notice the lights that suddenly came on. I remember wondering if Carter's sixth sense was kicking in, or if he was "seeing" (for lack of a better word) Lucy. I also wondered if it was simply so we could see his face as the realization hit him that Lucy was gone.

-- kristal (, March 04, 2000.

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