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Did it occur to anyone else that (at the end)tha if they would have done it Elizabeth's way (she was worried about Lucy throwing an PE or pulmonary embolism), Lucy might have made it?? But no....Romano had to have HIS way, and guess what happened....Lucy had the PE. Also, I totally disagree with those who think Romano looked "nice." While I believe he truly did like and esteem Lucy, not even when she is near death could he pull an emotion out.(I guess only his dog gets love from him.) Elizabeth is talking with Lucy, Lucy whispers "Thank-you" and feels safe, then she leaves and Romano takes over acting like this is just another job ("I've done a million of these green *#?") Notice: He can't even call her "Lucy" but rather "Ms. Knight"!!! What a jerk! Lucy, understandably, looks more scared and then....(as Romano is in charge) she has the sudden PE. What a coincidence!!! And what about Courday's reaction the next morning with her mother??? She's not just grieving for Lucy, but hating the fact that Romano wouldn't believe her when she pleaded with him about the danger of the embolism. Is there a Dr. in the house? What do you think? Would Courday's way have been better??????

-- rene (, February 19, 2000


I was thinking that they did give her some blood thinning medicine, as Elizabeth suggested. The whole scene happened so fast, and I didn't understand all the terminology, but it seemed like after Elizabeth argued with him about it that he agreed and they did give her blood thinning stuff. Because when they were in the CAT scan room (or whatever it was) and Lucy had all that blood down the front of her shirt, Elizabeth was saying they would put in a green filter to reverse the medicine. At least that's the way I took it. It was kind of hard to tell though. But there was probably not a whole lot more they could have done, since her injuries were so bad in the first place.

-- Melanie (, February 19, 2000.

Yes, they did give the heparin. When Corday ordered it, Romano said, "Wait till after the scan," but she talked him into it.

-- Sherise (, February 19, 2000.

They did give Lucy the blood thinner, but they reversed (I think this is right-It happened very fast and I was crying)because Elizabeth said that was the reason her insicion was bleeding.


-- Amelia (, February 19, 2000.

Rene...Lucy had already throw a clot, and that was the cause for the initial arguement over treatment. Lizzie did not want to give her a the heparin, because she had already lost so much blood, and this would no doubt cause her to lose more. Remember Romano telling lizzie that they could replace the lost blood? Lucy threw a second clot, (PE),just before she died. It would have made no difference whose path they followed, the outcome would have been the same, because after all, its a TV show...and Lucy was intended to die on it.

I don't believe that Lucy felt safe, or calm, after talking to Lizzie. She *thanked her* BEFORE the clot, and she KNEW she had thrown a clot, when it happened. She knew, as a med student, that she was in real trouble. In fact, when Lizzie looked at Lucy, and said, "I'll get you through this", the look on Lucy's face seemed to me to be one of fearful doubt, and nothing like calm, or peace. cannot have your cake and eat it too, so to speak, with Lucy. If you have followed the show, then you know that Lucy has had a lot of interaction with Romano, and she knows him for EXACTLY what he is. Those of you who profess to love Lucy, and hate her leaving, would have to admit that Lucy would have been TERRIFIED, and with good reason, if Romano had been all sweetness and light, because that woyuld have been a sure sign to Lucy that something was very wrong. He did PRECISELY the right thing, by being HIMSELF. That was the most reassuring and caring thing he could do for her...anything less would have been wrong.

It was a letter perfect portrayal of a man you love to hate, and a man you like in spite of yourself. Those were some of the best moments of the show.

-- Tres (, February 19, 2000.

Right on, Tres! You said it all perfectly. Case closed.

-- Jess (, February 19, 2000.

throw a clot.....bleed out.... tough decision to make for any doctor, no doubt!!

-- Alexis (, February 20, 2000.

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