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I am absolutely fascinated by how well Romano and Corday and Lucy interacted, and how the viewers loved it. They are all newish, and are all quite connected (remember E's advice to lucy in Day for Knight to not let the residents push her around? and of course the recent Dynamo Lucy fighting with R?), and their effect was brilliant. It seemed the old stuck with the old and the new went with the new- Benton, Anspaugh and Carter; Corday, Romano and Lucy; they newbies at Doc's; and then Mark and Kerry floating around being brave. Also, wasn't it interestng that Romano should be the last voice Lucy heard? (I loved what he said to her) Not Elizabeth being tender and gentle, but tough Robert. I love this detail- any thoughts about why? MAybe to really drive R off the edge toward his blowup- he is used to his patients unconscious, not a respected coworker and just conscious and now gone.

-- May Archer (, February 19, 2000


I noticed the "grouping" of the cast, so to speak. I thought it was neat how the newbies went to Doc's to stay connected... This episode is HUGE for all the characters. They are united by tragedy. I am interested to see how Dr. Dave evolves after this. I bet he won't be nearly as cocky and self assured.

-- Sandi (, February 19, 2000.

But it wasn't all the newbies at "Doc Magoo's". Haleh, Chuny, Lydia, Connie have all been on the show since the beginning.

-- AmyE (, February 19, 2000.

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