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Whether or not you'd heard about Noah Wyle signing a long-term contract, you have to admit that as soon as you saw Benton flying down those stairs, you knew Carter would be alright! He gave a wonderful performance last night!

-- Rachael (, February 18, 2000


I thought the same thing about the arrival of the superdoc-Peter Benton!! He seems to treat Carter like a younger brother. He doesn't ever get mushy with him but on rare occasion he has told him that he feels he is a talented doctor. Remember the scene, years ago, when Carter had quit the surgical program and he and Benton were argueing at the el station? Benton hollered at Carter because he (Carter) was still constantly seeking Benton's approval. No matter how angry Carter gets at Benton, he still has a special feeling for him as a teacher/ big brother and Benton has reciprocal feelings for Carter. I did wait for Benton to call Carter "John" but alas, that did not happen. This will be a hard show for the writers to ever top.

-- joan (, February 19, 2000.

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