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Can you imagine what it would be like to be the ER staff when something like that happened? Normally, when tragedy strikes that close to home, you can grieve. These people had to suck it all up and continue to do their jobs. Lives were depending on them remaining calm - not just the lives of their good friends, but the lives of other trauma victims who continued to come into the ER. I think Kerry's reaction was right on. She remained focused while she worked on Lucy. After Lucy went up to the OR, she relaxed and fell apart. It is hard to regain your composure once you have let it go. Mark was wonderful too. At the end, you could see that he was struggling to overcome his emotion so that he could handle the next trauma. I thought it was very realistic to show the rest of the staff in Doc Magoo's sharing stories about Carter and Lucy. That is what people do for comfort at a time like that. I could go on and on about each actor and how well they portrayed his/her character last night, but I'll stop here. My only problem with the show was Carol. Her reaction didn't ring true for me. I really thought this episode was brilliant. I was shaking all the way through.

-- Polly (, February 18, 2000


A quick note on Carol -- She just found out. She was sad and stunned, and while she KNEW what had happened, she hadn't REALIZED it yet, if that makes any sense. She didn't see them, didn't have to work on them. It's a completely different experience, and of course is going to seem surreal to her, especially because she doesn't have all of the details.

Also, she DID want to talk with Mark about it, but he decided it was time to get things running smoothly again. Carol, too, was preparing for a trauma, and while greiving privately, had to present a strong emotional front, and do her job. The girl is probably rather emotionally exhausted as it is, anyhow!!

-- Leigh (, February 18, 2000.

Leigh, you trooper, you've been defending Carol all over this page! I agree with you--this is how Carol deals with stuff. She only lets her emotions out in private, but that doesn't mean she isn't feeling them deeply.

And Polly, I feel just the way you did (except about Carol)--I thought the insight we got into each character was one of the high points of this show. It showed sides of many of them that we don't often see. We saw that Romano really can respect and care about someone, so much that he's overcome with anger at not being able to save her. We saw the respect and love that Benton has for Carter underneath all his gruffness. We saw Kerry--for the first time I can remember--become overwhelmed by her feelings, to the point that it even affected her physically. Even Elizabeth's mother and Mark's father showed their better sides. Great acting by all concerned.

-- Mary (, February 18, 2000.

Leigh, I don't disagree with your defense of Carol's reaction. After reading it 15 times all over this message board you almost convinced me:) Almost. I can see what you are saying about it not sinking in yet for her. She's holding in her emotions, etc. Fine, I can accept that. I guess my problem now is with the acting. Julianna Marguiles' (sp?) performance did not reveal what her character was experiencing. Why is it that we could tell so much from just looking at Mark Greene's face? He didn't say anything emotional either, but the audience still understood what he was feeling. I just don't think Carol was as convincing.

-- Polly (, February 19, 2000.

Is it just me, or did some of Mark's visceral reactions to the whole ordeal appear to be connected to his reliving what happened to him when attacked? Of him thinking, there but for the grace of God go I? Was ont part of the reaction of all the staff that - holy cow, we save lives here - and we were powerless (ultimately) to help one of our own???

Just my thoughts.

great episode and great comments.

I lost this website for a while and am glad I "found it back".

-- Alison Taylor (, February 19, 2000.

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