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Before I start What does it mean to be a first generation monster? What are the house upgrades for? If I finish an expedition will the person ask me again the next time around? Okay how do I get my monster to live longer, most of them die a bit after 3 yrs. I feed them gold peaches but that only extends the life span by a year. I heard that stress shortens the life span and that I should feed it a mint before it gets stressed but it's hard to predict when. I need some help it's frustrating to see all the monsters I train dying at 3 yrs.

-- Mashman (, February 18, 2000


never let your monster get tired let him rest after the 2nd seems well notice by colt.about the stress just give him a mint leaf on the 4th of every month.hope this helps.

-- geric a. (, February 18, 2000.

most people mean a monster right off the disc or out of the market when they call a monster "first generation". as far as i know, your last expedition has no bearing on future ones - as long as you meet the life/fame requirements, you get invited.

-- torey luvullo (, February 18, 2000.

Okay, one topic at a time... 1st, A "first Gen" monster is one that you get from a CD or the market. For an example of a "second Gen" monster, raise two Zuums. Theoretically ANY old pair of mosnters will do... like mixing a Worm with a Tiger or a Hare with a Pixie, but to keep things simple I'm using Zuums as my example. Once they're both adult and have decent stats (at least 400 in two or more categories) you combine them to get a Second Generation monster. If you combine two Secong Gen monsters you get a Third Gen, and so on. 2nd, I have no idea why Colt obsesses about the damn house. BUT you can upgrade your barn and make it bigger. Once your barn is as big as it can get, you can unlock "big" monsters, like Golems. 3rd, you must have a good monster to go on ANY expedition. They'll skip over you if your monster is weak and so forth. But they'll ask you again and again eventually, as far as I know, at least. 4th, what monsters are you raising? Most of my Tigers died naturally at three and a half years old. Before you monster dies, freeze it and make a Second Gen monster. 5th, save your game every two weeks. When your monster is "stressed out," just reset the game and you'll start again before he's stressed, so you can give 'em a mint leaf. It doesn't always work (like if you save and then the very next week he's stressed) but it helps. Finally, RELAX. It is, after all, just a game. Don't worry about your monsters' lifespans... so long as they don't die but are combined with an equal to get a Second (or Third, or Fourth, or even Fifth and beyond) gen monster, you're doing okay. ((FINGERS HURT FROM TYPING)) I hope this has cleared up a few things and I hope it helps. Happy Training and let us all know how things turn out!

-- Justice (, February 24, 2000.

I was about to ask that, cause the last few monsters I trained have been dying right around 3, but before that, 2 other monsters died at 2 1/2 yrs! They were a Gali and a Henger, and were pretty strong.

-- MegaMalletMan (, June 19, 2000.

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