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(Well, lately himself AND Reese/Reece).

Do you think Peter Benton always had this concern for Carter and was just hiding it? Or was it the cathartic news (and then the sight) of his former protege' in peril that brought it out??

And I know I'm repeating myself from another thread, but those of you who are "newbies", y'all GOTS to peep the early episodes on TNT!! There's no way you could possibly appreciate the HUGE power and irony of tonight's Carter/Benton story if you don't know their tumultous history.

-- Dao (, February 18, 2000


Oh yes, he's cared this much about Carter for a long time--but being Benton, he's never been very good at showing it. You really get a sense of it in the episodes where Carter decides to leave his surgical residency and go into emergency medicine instead. Benton made it clear that he cared deeply about Carter, had given more to him than he had to any other med student, and was hurt that Carter had, in his mind, rejected all that. The complexity of their feelings for each other is one of the things that makes the Carter-Benton relationship so great.

-- Mary (, February 18, 2000.

"Yes, there is a God" Remember that classic statement from Carter when Benton had to have an operation and he was to help in the operating room!

-- grace (, February 19, 2000.

Oh yeah, was that EVER a classic scene *prances off to watch it on tape*

-- Rachel (, February 19, 2000.

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