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Is it okay to sepia tone rc paper using the Kodak yellow package? If not, is there another brand for rc that gives the same look? Sometimes I just want a quick print for display. So far the worst is that the print edges slightly separate but that does'nt really matter once the print is matted....or does it??

-- Christina Reilly (, February 18, 2000


It is perfectly fine to tone RC paper with Kodak Sepia Toner. It will probably make the image last longer.

-- (, February 19, 2000.

I wonder what the toner does to the prints to make the edges separate. I have often toned RC paper using my self-mixed sepia toner (ferri/potassium bromide bleach, sodium sulphide toner) and prefab toner. I have never observed such a problem.

-- Thomas Wollstein (, February 21, 2000.

I think the Kodak Sepia Toner is a Thiocarbamide based toner. Not sulphide.....just a note. David Strachan

-- David Strachan (, March 26, 2000.


You may want to try Berg's sepia toner that is formulated for RC papers. The color of the final prints varies tremendously depending on which paper you use. It bleaches the image far more rapidly than the Kodak product. You can experiment with image color by using the Berg bleach, rinse, using the Kodak toner, rinse, and finally using the Berg toner.

Bob Gordon

-- Bob Gordon (, June 05, 2000.

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