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When Benton yelled at Michael Michelle's character last night, did anyone notice that she knew EXACTLY why he did it? Peter has had relationships before, but I don't think anyone has ever started to understand him THAT quickly. I mean, have they even had their first date yet? What do you guys think?

-- a. (, February 18, 2000


Yeah, I too, noticed when she knew why he yelled. She realized that he wasn't really that upset with her, he was upset because of Carter. I found that really sweet. I also liked when he apologized - a rare Peter thing. I think that they have had their first date. Remember - he asked her out, we never saw her answer but we assume that she said yes because of the way they act together - him bringing her punch at the party, etc. I think that we are just suppossed to assume that they have gone out, but aren't obviously at the Mark and Lizzy stage, they're still kind of figuring it out. We also saw Cleo "understand" Peter when he was trying to ask her out. He kept sort of hemming and hawing, and finally she had to just say "Peter, are you asking me out?" I know a lot of people think I'm crazy, but I honestly think Cleo and Peter could be a really good couple. They obviously care for each other, they look fabulous together, she knows sign language, was good with Reese, etc. A lot of people are against a Peter/Cleo relationship, but I'm really looking forward to it. I just hope that if they do have to break up, the writers don't do it in some horribly contrived, stupid way, simply because they think 2 people cannot stay together on a television show. Plus, on another thread someone thought the writers were setting up a Mark/Cleo relationship for some point, but I have to say I totally don't see that. I think that they are just going to become good friends - play basketball together, talk, etc. Remember Mark lost Doug, and he's going to lose Carol. Both of his really good friends. So, I think that Mark and Cleo are going to become one of those really great, totally platonic, male/female friendships. Anyway, sorry that got off track, its just my thoughts.

-- Lindz (, February 18, 2000.

I think they probably are setting up a Peter/Cleo romance. I remember reading that Eriq LaSalle was not happy with the interracial romance between his character and Dr. Corday. The writers have probably been intending Peter and Cleo to get together all along.

-- Polly Whitaker (, February 18, 2000.

I saw him on a talk show (Later Today??) and he said he wanted viewers to see a "normal' relationship between two African-Americans.That is why he requested the relationship w/ korday (sp?) to end. I guess that is why Michael Michelle's character was written in, and the fact that "Homicide" was cancelled.

-- Linda Rafalski (, February 19, 2000.

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