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Do people notice Malucci's increasingly frequent use of "chief" when he talks to Kerry? At first, it irked me a bit, because I thought it was a bit too casual, since he really didn't know her. Also, I thought he was being a bit sarcastic with the title. However, I realized while watching "All in the Family" , that he knows uses the name with respect. Like in Trauma 2 when Lucy is brought in, Malucci notices the lac on her neck, and defers to the chief to look at it. Also, as Weaver is intubating Lucy ( a bit shakily), Malucci asks with concern, "You okay chief?" Now, I kind of like it because everyone else in the ER calls her Kerry or Weaver. Chief acknowledges her experience and her authority.

Another thought I just had, that it must drive Mark mad every time her hears it!

-- Marjorie (, February 18, 2000


He uses it because he likes to be known as being irreverant, cavalier, and he likes the attention it gets him. He's slowly growing up out of this immature behavior. If he doesn't, he'll become a Romano.

-- hal (, February 18, 2000.

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