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Created from data gathered from the Chemical Incident Reports Center. Frequency of incidents slightly up, as well as an apparent volatility starting on the second business day of the year.

More data is required to form a working hypothesis, but it may be interesting to look at.

-- Antoine Neron (, February 18, 2000


this seems to be too simplistic because there isn't enough info on the parameters being used to create the graphs.

plus the circ tracks different types of incidences--some very obviously NOT related to y2k.

also, are you including first time reports only versus updates to existing reports?

-- tt (, February 18, 2000.

oh, also are you using date reported or date occurred?

-- tt (, February 18, 2000.

Yes, and as was declared, "more data is required...". I decided to look at the number of events rather than trying to discern what may or not be glitch-related.

If an explosion at a toxic chemicals plant is attributed to a foreign chemical mistakenly being added to the vat, then theoretically it should not matter if that event occured pre or post-Year 2000. The point was to compare the number of events pre and post-January 1, and perhaps find out if there is any significant change.

Similarly, the truth of the event may be different from that which was reported. By looking at the report itself one cannot tell. How can one know if something was glitch-related unless one knows everything about the event? That is not for me to decide.

The data is the number of first-time reports, on the day that the event was reported to occur.

-- Antoine Neron (, February 18, 2000.

Additionally, the number of evacuated persons was used (rather than number injured or number of fatalities) as a measure of the seriousness of the situation. This, of course, would vary depending upon the number of persons evacuated relative to the number of persons in the surrounding area, how aware the management was, and other factors.

Again, we can only work with the information that we have access to.


-- Antoine Neron (, February 18, 2000.

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