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I can not believe that they let Lucy die. I had a spark of hope when Romano went back for that last ditch effort. One of those miraculous back from the brink recoveries. I found myself hoping against all hope that next week we would find that this was a dream sequence episode, taking place while Lucy was bleeding out on the floor. That she had dreamed of her own death and that next week we would get to do it all over again. They would wake her and we would get to relive those dramatic moments after the discovery. Sound good?... Oh well, I guess that is why they are the staff writers and not me. LOL by the way does anyone know why she left the show. Was it her choice or was she written out for a sweeps week grab? I hope it was not the latter because if so, what a mistake, I loved her character and who is not going to miss the emotional relationship between her and Carter? On an unrelated note I really would like to see Luka developed into a key character.

-- Lisa Mitchell (, February 18, 2000


No, Kellie martin wanted to leave the show... she felt that she didn't really "fit in." I miss her too, she was one of my favorites... I REALLY hope to see some major emotional repercussions, the previews really made me furious... it was almost like.. alright, got that out of the way... lets move a new story.Ughhh... I was so disapointed last night when the show ended, I wanted to see the aftermath SOOOOO badly...Oh, well, they better have it next week. (BTW, where were the orphaned kids? I would really like to know what happened to them...

-- Jess (, February 18, 2000.

as for kellie martin leaving the show...i have ehard that she made the decision to leave because she wanted to go back to school. i can respect that, but hey...leaving the top-rated show on tv when you are a relatively new actress, in terms of decent roles, is a risky maneuver.

-- Mark Byrne (, February 18, 2000.

of course it is risky for a young actress to leave a top-rated show. But I respect her intergrity. Kellie Martin felt that ER wasn't giving her character enough to do, so she wanted a change. It seemed that MANY of Lucy's storylines were tied in with bickering with Carter. That's not what she was interested in doing. She's interested in school, and in her new marriage. After all, she essentially made the same choice after her show "Christy" was cancelled. She went BACK to school, instead of pursuing roles that didn't interest her. It's a shame, but it's her choice. Her death was very well done and At least she didn't hop on a train and leave her loved one high and dry...not that ER would do anything like that to the fans. ;)

-- Marjorie (, February 18, 2000.

Wow, I thought it was the networks decision to take her off the show because apparanetely many fans were complaining about her character (that she was annoying and that they should take her off). I didn't find her annoying but apparently a lot of people did...

-- Andrea (, February 18, 2000.

I heard that Kellie Martin left the show because she got into an argument with the producers and they had her written off the show. I just wonder which of the stories is true?

-- Adrilee (, February 18, 2000.

I agree. I enjoyed Lucy's character. I really hate it when they end a good character. They could have easily matured Lucy and Carter's relationship. It had a lot of potential. I think such a gory ending wasn't necessary and was just done for sweeps.

-- Robin Irvine (, February 18, 2000.

I will very much miss the character of Lucy Knight. Whether she got big parts or always bickered with Carter or not, I like her alot. Remember when she tried to save a dying woman at Christmas with a heart transplant and recently when she honored the dying bum's last wishes and threw his last dollars from the roof of the hospital?

I understand that for whatever reason she was written out of the show. And I will give you that is was a great episode! But kill her off? Now she can't ever come back to the show if she ever changed her mind without some very impratical and unbelievable storyline!

-- Mark L. McLemore (, February 18, 2000.

Lucy Knight was indeed a caring character and to kill her off like they did was awful and bueatiful. She was such a sweet person, but thats the way they wrote it. I will deeply miss Lucy Knight On the show because she added naiveness and true love for her fellow man. Maybe thats why the character had to go, maybe a character like her didnt belong on ER maybe she belonged in heaven. I also thought it was tragic how the story line teased us into thinking Lucy Knight might somehow Surrive. Well Goodbye Lucy well miss you!

-- Mark Antony Manni (, February 18, 2000.

While we are talking about Valerie and Kellie Martin complaining she didn't "fit in" there's a scene a couple weeks back that involved these two. It was right after Valerie had vegetated and Lucy was out talking to Luka. She said that she didn't think she would ever fit in and that she was glad she always chose to be at the hospital instead of being there because she was sick, or because she was stabbed apparantly.

-- Cai (, February 19, 2000.

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