Well, done ER!

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Great job on the part of all at ER at evoking within me a sense of shock. I am still somewhat in a state of disbelief. I didn't find myself very emotional until the VERY end when Romano was upset. Probably because I knew that Lucy was going to die at some point, I felt myself frequently asking, "Is this it?" Would she go in the ER? in surgery? etc.

The sense of chaos, urgency and then shock among the all of the ER staff all had an excellent effect of evoking withing me a sense of shock and disbelief when the "end had finally come." Very realistic!

Carrie was a bit much. I also thought that Benton was fantastic, and the fact that even Anspagh (?) came to help Benton was also very touching. Wow, Romano has a heart after all!! Go figure!!

All in all a very fine show!

-- Mary (gmv@attcanada.net), February 18, 2000


In Dallas, there was a memorial for Tom Landry, famed Cowboys coach who died, and there was a rumor our ER show would be locally preempted by coverage of the memorial. I guess the station thought better of it, because ER was shown in its entirety and on time. I was hoping I wouldn't have to rip off a nasty nasty email to the station.

-- Mmiller (mwmiller@fulbright.com), February 18, 2000.

I loved the way no one could tear themselves away to go home. The group at Doc Magoo's kept growing. And Chuny breaking the news...took my breath away for the twentieth time in an hour! Emmys all around!

-- Bev (bev.burris@eer-h.com), February 18, 2000.

I think it was so errie the way all she had to say to the staff in the restraunt was, "Lucy..." and she didn't need to say anymore, everyone just knew. Very powerful!


-- Andrea (andiweaves@aol.com), February 18, 2000.

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