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Okay, I just want to say a couple things that I noticed last night; -I HATE Cleo and Carol (at least until next week :))They showed NO emotion, especially Carol, I know Cleo doesn't really know Carter or Lucy, but she was soo mean to Benton. -I LOVE Romano! -Didn't the scene in Doc Magoo's remind you of "The Healers"? -I think Carter has the Sixth Sense!!! Between knowing about Lucy and Bobby (his brother)he has ESP I swear! -One last thing- Carter's first thought when he woke up was Lucy and Lucy didn't ask ANYONE about Carter!!

Thank you for listening, I just needed to talk to people that might understand!!


-- Amelia (, February 18, 2000


Romano's line before Lucy died was perfect for him, " We don't want to lose you know after all the money we spent training you" I wouldn't have expected anything warm and sensitive from him at that moment. His physical reaction after her death spoke volumes, I LOVED IT !

-- Jim (, February 18, 2000.

Crossed my mind too that Lucy didn't ask about Carter ... But, she couldn't really talk and I couldn't remember if someone had told her "Carter is ok" or something.

-- Lily (lucyszkj@ucrwcu.rwc), February 18, 2000.

Since she passed out seconds before she saw Carter, she might not even remember him being there.

-- (, February 18, 2000.

I thought that it was a little odd that she never asked about Carter too, but when I thought back on the episode, she did pass out after she saw him, she might not totally remember him being there. And then he asked about her because he saw her, she couldn't turn to see him. I think if she had the ability to talk she would have asked about him, but it was so moving to know that her only words last night were "thank you" excellent episode.

-- Jennifer S.K. (, February 18, 2000.

Cleo was overwhelmed with trying to save a patient who was becoming critical while waiting for a surgeon. She wasn't mean to Benton -- obviously she understood his anxiety over Carter when she tried to apologize for starting a surgery, and her sorrow over Lucy was evident when she told Benton later that Lucy had died. Benton obviously didn't take offense, as seen by his gentle reaction to her after he had finished with her patient. Lucy was in shock when Carter came in and probably didn't remember he was there, and no one would have mentioned it to her while she was fighting for her life.

-- Chessie King (, February 18, 2000.

Cleo said something right after Benton told her she had better step back during the other guys surgery...she said, "I'm sorry about Carter..."...something something. I liked the touch that people knew Benton really cared about Carter. If anyone could understand the rest of what she said, please write. As for Carol, I hope she shows more emotion later on, maybe she'll have a moment with Carter or something (talking, I mean)

ONe more thing...I am SO glad Carter immediately asked about Lucy.

-- Elaine (, February 18, 2000.

About what Elaine said-

I know Cleo said she was sorry about Carter being hurt, but she didn't sound like she really meant it (I know this sounds stupid so far, but hear me out!)She said "Peter, I'm sorry Carter's hurt, but..." Than she stormed out. Plus I think Benton *should* have worked on Carter the whole time, Carter wanted him to, and from what I could see, Benton wanted to, too.


P.S. I hated Cleo any way, before this so this could have something to do with that! The writers are so caught up in the other *twelve* cast members (eleven now *sob*) that they haven't given her a good story line and I hate her and Benton going out, it just doesn't work!

-- Amelia (, February 18, 2000.

Lucy never asking about Carter bothered me too, especially as her condition was his first thought when he regained consciousness. It is possible that she was in shock when he was stabbed and didn't take in that she was seeing him, but I don't think so. The look on her face when their eyes met was so horrified and aware. However, she didn't regain consciousness until after her surgery, and as soon as she did Elizabeth was telling her everything that was wrong with her. She had barely whispered "thank you" when she started having the P.E. problem, and after that she pretty much knew she was dying, so probably the shock and fear of losing her own life (and that fact that she couldn't talk without a major effort) probably kept her from asking about Carter. But I still wish she had.

-- (, February 18, 2000.

With regards to Cleo, I think waht she was saying was, "i'm sorry that Carter ...(got stabbed etc.) BUT their was another patient in danger." Of course, Benton wouldn't let her get it all out, and HE did offer an apology without prompting. This makes me think Benton was wrong in putting his personal feelings over his duty as a surgeon by trying to stay with Carter. After all, it did seem as if Anspaugh had it under control. Otherwise, why would Anspaugh tell Benton to go? No, I believe Benton's feelings clouded his judgement. It was very moving to see him all undone at the beginning of the surgery, all panicky until Anspaugh calmed him down.

-- Marjorie (, February 18, 2000.

I love the character of Cleo! Last nights epi really made me realize that. When I read what some people said I thought maybe they saw some nuances I didn't, so I went back and rewatched it. I still disagree with some of you. She wasn't mean to Benton at all, in fact it was the opposite. Her patient was going to die, so she did the only thing she could do to save him. Benton was suppossed to be there. It was his job. Carter was stable, Dr. Anspaugh said he would let Peter know if anything happened. When Peter was an ass, Cleo realized that he was just really upset about Carter, and she tryed to say so but Peter just ignored her, and she left. Later when he came out, and saw her upset, he realized he was wrong and he apologized(a great er moment). When she still looked upset, he asked "What's wrong?" and she said there was a complication with Lucy I thought it was great acting from both actors. Peter slowly coming to the realization of what happened, and Cleo upset and in shock. It was wonderful.

-- Lindz (, February 18, 2000.

Lindz- about what you said about Luka-

I'm sure that a lot of people don't agree with me, but I'm not so sure I love Luka just yet. So far he has only been a (supposed) love interest to Carol, and (like of said *sooo* many times!) there are too many people in the main cast so we really haven't learned anything important about him besides he came from Croatia, he once had a wife and kids, and he doesn't like to split up families! If I were a writer on ER I would have Kerry, Carter, Mark, Elizabeth, Romano, Carol, and Benton as the only main characters, but (unfortunetly) I'm not! Sorry I've been waiting to say this for *sooo* long!! Maybe next week's eppy will change my mind.


-- Amelia (, February 18, 2000.

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