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WOW WOW absolutely incredible, emotional, powerful episode... I loved...the tension before Weaver found them, I was so focused on the door to the room that I was barely paying attention to all of the "meaningless" conversation and commotion going on...then when she opened the door!!! WOW Weaver was incredible throughout the episode, and Romano's reaction to Lucy's death was brilliant and made me choke up and the tears spill over. I also loved the fact that the "newbies" kind of disappeared over to the diner and all that was left were Carter and Lucy and Corday, Green, Weaver, Benton, and Romano. I see them as pretty much the core cast and thought that was good on the writers' part. DID NOT like Carol's reaction at all, almost as if she didn't even know them, what was up with that???? And VERY disappointed with next week's preview -- want more Carter, Benton, Romano, etc., and could care less about a turning point for Luka...other than that, an AMAZING episode, and well worth the wait!!!

-- Dru (, February 18, 2000


I agree. Corday showed such caring and concern. The fight she and Romano went through for Lucy was SO touching to see. When Corday left the room and Romano made that comment about "spending too much time/energy on your training" to Lucy her eyes opened wide for just a moment and then closed. That was when she went into Cardiac Arrest. It seemed like in that moment she knew it was over. No matter what you thought of Lucy throughout the season, you couldn't help but care deeply for her in that moment. Corday and Weaver just seemed shattered by the end of the episode. Carter's concern for Lucy was nice. I hope the writers delve deep into his feelings about Lucy's death in the coming weeks.

-- Stacy (, February 18, 2000.

I agree with others that Lucy knew, and accepted -- her pending death. She seemed to make her peace with this outcome shortly before it happened. Her final scenes were excellent with the docs. involved. Excellent reactions from Rocket, Corday, Benton, Kerry. Great work from all involved. We are lucky that this top notch show is free (except commercials). This episode was much more gripping/dramatic then several movies I've seen recently at movie theaters for 7.50. Bravo to ER

-- Al Johnson (, February 19, 2000.

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