"All in the Family": Best episode yet?

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I thought last nights episode was incredible. Many of you are saying that the hour took forever, I thought the opposite. When I looked at my clock at it was 9:35 already, I'm thinking where did the time go? These last two episodes have been hell on my sleep. I still had more trouble with the last five mins of last weeks, but I thought "All in the Family" was the best overall episode ever made. First of all smart move to show bits of the attack (and Lucy's look) one more time in the previously on ER stuff. It was plain torture waiting for Weaver to find them. I was just thinking "hurry up already". The ER stuff after the commerical break was what told me that the episode was going to be special. That was as intense as they have ever made. Flat out incredible. I was already numb after the first ten mins of the episode. Hats off to Martin, what a performance for not being able to 'speak' a word. Here face told it all. It was nice to see that Romono has a heart (for somebody other than his dog). I was glad that Benton was so stong and cared so much for Carter. It must have been torture having to leave Carter to go work on the other patient. The two reactions that stand out to me were those of Weaver and Corday. Weaver was so in control but yet out of control at the same time. It too was nice to see her show some emotion. The look on Corday's face at home said it all. You could see her just entirly drained from the experience (as I and I'm sure some many of you were). I'm sure this episode will have lasting effects for the rest of the season. I'm looking forward to seeing how Carter will react in the episodes to come. I hope he dosn't completely shut down with guilt, much like Benton did for some time with Gant's death. What an hour of television. It was great to see that ER still has the power. I hope they can reclaim some of their past glory. I could see the quality of the show going down in the past couple of seasons. I know I will never forget this episode. What do you guys think, is this the best episode of ER?

-- Eric Ralston (ralstoneric@yahoo.com), February 18, 2000


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Yes, yes, yes, it was the best episode. For all the reasons above and many more. I can't stop thinking about it. I read your post and it brought back all the emotions from last night. I agree, I hope they can reclaim some of the glory from previous years. I'm very loyal to the show, but I have seen the quality subside in the past few seasons. I thought all the characters were great in this episode, even Carol. I know, I know, her attitude was terrible and unexpected. That's why it was good, now I'm really curious to see what is up with her. Hopefully they will expand on that in upcoming shows. Does anyone else feel drained from these past two episodes?

-- Kim (kimpaul0706@cs.com), February 18, 2000.

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It's possible that Carol's reaction (or lack of one) is a precursor to her leaving the show; that maybe her kids and a more stable life outside of the hospital holds her attention now. Work has just become a job than her life's work, if you know what I mean. Overall I felt the tension the show provided this week and last week made ER "must-see" TV (ha ha)! Now let's see if this week's ep can beat "Millionaire" again......

-- Laura Livingston (llivingston@fulbright.com), February 18, 2000.

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I no longer expect to sleep on Thursday nights. I dream about it when I do sleep, it's what I think about the millions of times I wake in the night, and I STILL have butterflies in my stomach just reading your posts! A completely draining experience. My favorite scene was the scene with Corday and Romano. What a fight! I had to rewind my tape several times to watch it, even though it killed me each time. So, so sad to be powerless in that situation. Poor, poor Lucy. She knew exactly what was happening to her, and you could just feel her terror. I don't even know what to say! I'm so drained from this whole thing.

-- Michelle Gibson (xphile@mailcity.com), February 18, 2000.

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I know what you mean, every time I awoke last night, the first thought that crossed my mind was "Lucy is dead". . .

The best thing about the episode, IMHO, was Benton with Carter, tearing down the stairs (one thing, though, how did he know? Does he routinly call down to the ER to find out why he's being paged? Doesn't he just go?), talking Carter through it, refusing to leave him during surgery, and being scared, honestly SCARED for his life (when he wanted to remove his kidney). It brought back that time so long ago when they had that fight at the bottom of the el stairs and Benton said something like "I never take time out for anyone, but I did for you, man". It also reminded me of Carter working on Benton (the appy) and the contrast between the two surgeries.

Also, I really enjoyed Kerry and Romano. As a matter of fact, there wasn't a single thing about this episode I didn't enjoy (well, except for Carol). It was pretty perfect.

-- (jac301@is9.nyu.edu), February 18, 2000.

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I have seen a lot of good episodes, but this one is right up there! Was it just me, or did the ad's with their annoying "cheerfulness" drive anyone else crazy after that emotional roller coaster?!

-- Jess (mei0724@aol.com), February 18, 2000.

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Definitely not THE best, maybe not even in the top 10, but surely the best of the last two seasons. Despite losing half the old cast, here's hoping this is the start of a new "Golden Age" of E.R. One that lives up to Seasons 1-4!

-- Dao (ldao@tandberg.com), February 18, 2000.

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Regarding the question about why Benton was tearing down the stairs... my guess is that they all have those pagers that print messages, perhaps to alert the MD to the type of crisis to expect when paged... (you know, so it would read 'MVA' or 'GSW') It seemed that way to me, because when Corday and Greene got the simultaneous pages at the restaurant, they both looked down at their pagers for a few seconds, then seemed especially horrified... so I think they had been clued in... plus, the panic and frustration Corday exhibited when she was asked to show identification seemed to indicate that she knew ... So, perhaps all of the various doctors who each had their own running down the corridor, stairs, or through the parking lot, had received a page that not only beeped but read "Lucy and Carter hurt 911" -- don't you think?

-- L (lolabronx@hotmail.com), February 18, 2000.

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I remember when Corday and Green were pulling up in the van Corday was on the phone and said " we're in front" or something to that effect. Then maybe she knew more specifically about the emergency. The only thing that annoyed me in this amazing episode (besides the 4 billion ads) was the "new" cast members trying to reminisce with Haleh, Lydia and Yoshi.. they have barely been around long enough to know each others last names... also the the chit chat with Corday and Green's parents.. I guess it was filler so we could all catch our breath for the next scenes but I wanted it to move on... Excellent shows.. I hope that they don't move on and not have any reactions to the violence and loss that have occured. It was good to see Abbey react by herself for a moment (although I am sure we were wondering if Paul sobriki was going to pop out from around the corner like in the Jason movies). I hope there is an emmy in there for someone. One thing I did notice.. when they showed thestabbing scene over at the beginning it wasn't as effective with the loud music missing and also Lucy seemed to be breathing harder this time and she seemed to be moving a little whereas last week she spoke with her eyes and didn't move.. sorry I am a stickler for details but without the music I am sure those that missed it last week might be wondering how no one could hear him. O.k. that's all thanks for reading my opinion..

-- gail (gailbur@gateway.net), February 18, 2000.

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This episode is the best I've ever seen, although I haven't seen a lot from "the good years". But, I had two dissapointments. First, Carol's reaction. I was thinking that maybe she didn't know that Lucy died, just that she was hurt and that's why she wasn't that affected. But, still, they're your friends show some damn affection. Second, I think it would have been interesting to see the events that happened right after Kerry found them. eg. telling the staff, the staff finding them, etc.

-- Cai (mohawk@xmission.com), February 19, 2000.

Response to Best episode yet?

this was the best episode since "love's labor lost"

-- rachel (thehilfigergirl@aol.com), February 19, 2000.

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