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About 85 workers treated after Ship Channel chemical release By The Associated Press

DEER PARK, Texas -- An accidental release of a third of a pound of acrolein Thursday morning caused about 85 workers at the Rohm and Haas plant to be treated for eye and nose irritation, a company spokesman said.

The 30-second release occurred around 11:30 a.m. The Zachary Co. construction workers were treated at the plant's on-site health facility, spokesman John Coe said.

Nine were transported to local hospitals and 11 others sought extra treatment from Zachary medics, Coe said. All were stable Thursday afternoon, he added.

There was no residual material detected afterward, Coe said. He said there was no threat to homes or businesses beyond the plant perimeter.

Deer Park is an industrial suburb on the Houston Ship Channel.

Acrolein is a material used in super-abosrbent diapers and as a feedstock for other chemical processes. The plant makes 1 billion pounds of the substance annually, Coe said.

Distributed by The Associated Press (AP)

-- charlie (, February 18, 2000

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