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Well, I am glad to be able to write how I feel about this here. I am so disappointed that Carter and Lucy did not get to at least see/talk to each other before she died. I knew she would die, and this was the only hope I had for this episode, that Carter would at least see her before she died. I guess that's unrealistic, but they had a history together, and obviously the writers wanted to show that, otherwise why would they be in that situation together? The only thing reguarding that relationship I was relieved about in this episode was that Carter asked about Lucy right away. I wish Lucy had asked about him too, but I guess she was too bad off. When they kissed on the episode that Doug left, they were the only reason I wanted to keep watching (and the hope that George Clooney may return for an episode). Now, all I care about is how Carter deals with this and how he feels about Lucy's death. I don't mean to sound negative about the whole thing, I was happy with Benton's response, and I'm glad Chuney was the one to tell the others about Lucy, but mostly I wish this had all happened with the old ER cast...the second I saw who was working on them, I wished it were more personal people than mostly all of the new people this season...I wish Carol had been there too, and as someone said, her reaction was terrible...I expected her to be among the most to care about them.

Sorry this is so long, but I couldn't believe how upset I could get over a TV show...I have liked Kellie Martin for years, and I will miss her and her relationship with Carter...I would really appreciate any responses to people who feel this way too.

-- Elaine Parker (, February 18, 2000


I agree it would have been nice to see them say goodbye, but I don't think it could have been done without seeming forced, there realy was no opportunity. I think that will be a major issue for Carter, in his future torture- how do you think he will feel and behave? I will miss their relationship too- I'm in the Not-Romantic camp, but I will miss what they might have become as coworkers. Good point about Chuney telling everyone. And it wasn't shrieking "Lucy's dead! Oh Oh No!", just simply and quietly.

-- May Archer (, February 18, 2000.

Odd though it sounds, I think they got their "unofficial" goodbye in those last five minutes (or the endless unknown length of time they lay on the floor bleeding to death) last episode.

I was really surprised by that artfully done ending -- when Carter falls to look over and discover Lucy on the ground with blood all over and God knows what's been done to her and how she is. Barely coherent as she was their gazes were obviously on each other and sharing a moment of painful, horrifying clarity--the realization of impending death, for they both knew they were in that situation and that it happened because no one could hear or see either of them or knew what happened.

In that moment (or many minutes?), I am sure Lucy was absolutely relieved to see Carter, and also petrified to see him hurt. And it's also pretty likley that both completely dispelled all worry and guilt over who was to blame and were both completely concerned for one another . . . of course insomuch as they could be trying just to survive the next few minutes . . .

-- Miriam (, February 18, 2000.

Well, it is supposed to be a reality based show, right? Unfortunately when people die in accidents or anything violent, there is no opportunity to say goodbye. Hopefully the writers will take it somewhere though. When Doug Ross' father died they did a show where he kind of got to say goodbye.

-- KJ (, February 18, 2000.

i just knew he was going to have benton wheel his bed to where lucy was. at the moment he asked "lucy's dead isnt she? i would have bet a million bucks he was going to make that request

-- dawn (, February 18, 2000.


I had hoped that would happen too, that Carter would be wheeled over to Lucy. Just after talking to Benton before the surgery, he passes out from the drugs...10 more seconds awake and he could have seen them wheel Lucy by! She wasn't awake then either but there could have easily been another scene showing Carter's concern for Lucy.

Another thing, Carter seemed very optimistic about how he himself was. Maybe they just wanted to make him seem brave :)

-- Elaine (, February 18, 2000.

i also thought that some of the staff would go see lucy after they clenaed her up, to say goodbye to her. i was sure Carter would have asked to be wheeled in, on his bed, to touch her hand, and say "im sorry". that would've made for a great scene!

-- Alexis (, February 18, 2000.

I wonder if perhaps over the next few episodes, as Carter is dealing with all this, maybe he'll mention something about he and Lucy looking into each other's eyes for all that time while on the floor, wounded.

I also wonder about the residual guilt their partying co-workers will be feeling. Someone might say "hey, the last time Carter and Lucy disappeared together, they were making out. It was Valentine's Day, so we assumed that's why they weren't around..."

Guess this episode will be remembered as the "St. Valentine's Day Massacre"

-- Roxanne (, February 18, 2000.

Hello, fellow ER-aholics, I'm new here. Regarding a "good-bye" scene; I really don't feel it would have been realistic, in fact it would have seemed kinda "soap-opera-y." I liked Kellie Martin, too, and I absolutely adore Noah Wyle, he is a better actor with just his facial expressions than most are with whole scripts of dialogue! I am sure that Dr. Carter is going to have trouble dealing with this one: lack of closure, guilt over sort of dismissing Lucy's diagnosis of the patient (and being so hard on her most of the time), nightmares over the horrible violence and that look on Lucy's face! This was the most upsetting episode since "Love's Labor's Lost," which to this DAY I can't bring myself to watch again in re-runs. I was hoping that their characters would find a way to work through their differences and find a mutual respect, similar to the way Carter and Benton did. Now they won't get the chance, which is sad.

-- Laura Jenkins (, February 18, 2000.

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