Special raising method for the best results.

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This is my super good raising method that I made. I did this with my Pink Eye and it won the major 4 and the Legends Cup.

This will work if.....

1)This will work with any monster that lives long.You have to have $50,000 or more.

Step one

1)Get a monster that learns lots of techniques and is an average monster(Mocchi or Zuum will work). Teach them a ton of techniques and battle them.You can train them any way.

2)Get another monster and do the same thing only it could be anyone.

3)Go to the lab and combine the 2 and you will get a monster with high stats and a lot of techniques(Make sure it like Tablets)

Step 2

1)Ttain the monster in 2 stats. Your Schedule will be light drill, light drill, light drill, rest. Give your monster nutsoil one month, and then mintleaf the next month.Keep on doing it back and forth.

2)Once it is 1 year old, change your schedule to light drill, heavy drill, light drill, rest. Keep on doing the thing with the nuts oil and mintleaf.Now you can train it in a third stat.Give it an errantry if it doesn't know every move. Only do 1 errantry in its life.

3)When it reaches 3 years old, change its schedule to heavy drill,light drill,heavy drill, rest.Keep on doing the thing with the nuts oil and mintleaf.Also give it mangos.

4)When it reaches 5 years old,change your schedule to heavy drill,heavy drill,heavy drill,rest.

Step 5

1)When it reaches 6 years old,battle it like crazy.It should be able to get to S-class or above.If it is dying,give it a peach and keep training.

The monsters that will work well are Suezo,Undine,Wracky,Metalner,Mock,and Zuum.

-- andy (bill@sauro.com), February 18, 2000


Nice of you to take time to write a method out. I doubt this is anywhere as good as Dark Phoenix's method. Here is his The Almighty Method Your method is not a bad method and I'm sure it works alright. Why don't you show some example monsters and how well it worked on them. Also don't devide methods by years of age, but by stages of life. If you want some really good methods check out my method which is awesome and has links to more awesome methods Here is my method with all the links.

-- The Man (djedmond@pinenet.com), February 18, 2000.

well, the man, we have to start over. your links no longer work.

-- torey luvullo (dst10000@compuserve.com), February 18, 2000.

I have only trained one monster with this method which was Pink Eye. Life:300,Power:250,Inteledgence:850,Skill:750,Speed:450,Defence:300. Won over 100 Battles,Lost 8 and under.

-- andyb (bill@sauro.com), February 18, 2000.

I didn't mean to write andyb.

-- andy (bill@sauro.com), February 18, 2000.

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