What's your secret craving? The badder for you, the better.

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What's your secret craving? The badder for you, the better.---Al

-- Al Schroeder (al.schroeder@nashville.com), February 17, 2000


I can't believe I'm admitting this. I've never told anyone before. My deepest, darkest craving, from some savage, uncivilized part of my brain, is to be alone, in a dimly lit room with only a big, juicy filet mignon smothered in salty brown sauce with oyster mushrooms or morels; asparagus with bearnaise sauce (that's basically egg yolk and butter, and I don't care); and garlic mashed potatoes. A glass -- no, TWO glasses -- of red wine. Then some kind of custardy dessert with lots and lots of cream in it -- let's say tira mi su or zuppe inglese -- and a glass of Grand Marnier or sambucca. Hahahahahahaha!

Then, after dessert, someone could pick me up with a forklift and get me to bed. By then I wouldn't care.

-- Tom Dean (tdean@haese.com), February 18, 2000.

I want time off. Time off from work, exercise, health & nutrition, paying bills, cleaning, my wife and kids. I want to not have to take insulin for one week. All my vacation time gets saved up for family vacations. I have to wait in line to get at the computer at home. The only time I'm on my own is driving from one thing to the next, or in bed at night when my wife's up late playing Pharaoh.

-- Colin (cfmckin@uswest.com), February 24, 2000.

Secret craving ? Huh.- - - - to be able to go back to age 9 - - - - carrying with me the knowledge that experience and study have given me. From there-on it would be the bit of an angel on one shoulder and devil on the other. Would I do both, either or live a stolid, steady, peaceful life ? ? ? ? How the heck can I answer that ? ? ? ? ? doug

-- doug (ionoi@webtv.net), March 05, 2000.

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