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Even though I knew Lucy would die- I still sat there and sobbed like a baby. Is it just me or did that hour just fly by?

And when Paul was brought in? LET HIM DIE!! I hope Benton kills him with his bare hands!

It was great to see Benton and Weaver show some emotion- been too long with them two being so serious all the time.

-- Jessie (, February 17, 2000


Benton and Weaver's reactions? They were amazing but it seemed to me they were to be expected, considering they were Carter and Lucy's mentors. But the reaction that amazed me the most was Romano's. Usually, he shows no emotion but after Lucy flatlined he let a whole new side out. That character is made for us to hate, but now, I have a new appreciation for the character (although I still don't like him), it is nice to see emotion come out of Romano, even mre lately than usual.

-- Brandon (, February 17, 2000.

Romano's reaction made sense to me... didn't Lucy show up at his home, on Christmas Eve, and beg him to come to the hospital to perform an emergency surgery on a patient? Clearly, the ground work was being laid that Romano had a soft spot for Lucy... plus he probably felt like an ass knowing that the last words she ever heard had more of an air of flippancy than feeling...

-- L (, February 18, 2000.

Romano's last words to Lucy may seem flip on the surface, but I heard some tenderness in his voice. Plus, he had to be somewhat true to form, if only to comfort Lucy a little, maybe make her think that he didn't believe the situation was so dire. If the heartless Romano seemed frightened or scared to Lucy, it would have been worse for her. On another note - this week's and last week's episodes have made me lose sleep! I always really liked Lucy, and wished the writers continued to develop her character (they seemed to stop this season - because she was leaving?), but I never expected a reaction like this. Hats off to the directors (with exception to direction of Julianna Margulies - Carol never would have been so stoic, not about her friends.)

-- Molly (, February 18, 2000.

I just cried when Romano couldn't accept that Lucy was dead. It was so pathetic and sad.. I don't know, he is just so unemotional that his emotional outburst was was great!

-- 2222 (, February 18, 2000.

Last nights episode left me in shock. I think I started to cry when she started to crash on the gurney. Romano and Corday were great trying to work on her. Romano's reaction well all I can say is I think I am going to like his character a lot more. I am very disappointed the Lucy character is going to be gone. Kellie Martin has always been a wonderful actress. I just wish the writers would have developed her character more. Lucy will be missed by viewers. I think her character really brought some feeling into the show. I hope that over the next few weeks, that Carter's response is a lot more emotional.

-- Aileen (, February 18, 2000.

I also sobbed at last nights episode. Kerrie seemed utterly shocked at what happened. She seemed to be numb towards the end. I was very disappointed in Carol's reaction...."I heard what happened.." No shock, no sorrow, no tears? I will miss Lucy.

-- Stacy (, February 18, 2000.

I was very shocked at Carol's response. It seems out of character for her. With the exception of Benton, Corday, Weaver and Romano, the response from the others was also lacking. At least someone should have been shown shedding tears. They all worked side by side with Lucy so you would think that at least one person would have shed a tear. I would have cried more if they did. I pictured some group hugs and tears and I didn't see either. I liked Lucy and will miss her also.

-- Joanne Fatur (, February 18, 2000.

I like, never cry about tv, movies, books (well, occasionally for books). After the episode, I totally started bawling. And she can't even come back as a guest appearance. I liked somebody's idea about flashbacks, though. :D Lucy lives...sorta!

-- Mo (, April 04, 2000.

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