Please come to my message board at my web site and post answers/questions. Also if any one has any advice on how to get people to come to my board and post messages please tell me. I mean, I probably wouldnt post anything on a board that had only two threads that are by the owner of the board. I dont blame you guys for being mad at me but if it will help Im sorry for spamming the monster rancher 2 boards, If thats one of the reasons your not coming to my board Im sorry. But please come by and post stuff on my board. The adress of my site is

-- (, February 17, 2000


I have no problem with you promoting your site, but possibly could you promote my board on your board. see ya!!!!!!!!!

-- Bloodshed (, February 17, 2000.

Hey Buddy, glad to help promote it, if only I can find it!!!

-- Ramza Beoulve (, August 13, 2000.

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