Happenings on the CofG Macon-Atlanta line

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Gary, that has furnished much info in the past, recently gave me an update on what is happening with this line. It was very interesting and I thought others might like to know it also. Here it is:

The division "managment"(I use the term loosely..) took a hyrail tour from Macon to Atlanta about a month ago.

As a result, the following changes occurred: 1) G11 is abolished. G04 does all the work again. 2) G09 now goes all the way to Griffin. The crew yards the train, and goes home. They work Georgia Chips northbound. 3) G02 now taxis out of Macon to Griffin. They build a southbound train with the turnbacks and south cars G04 brought down. Depart Griffin about 0900 most days. 4) On days G03 doesn't go to Thomaston, they will perform some of G05's work on the south end of Griffin. It can be expected that when the new Caterpillar facility begins production, that G03 will work it. 5) Usually three days a week, an M50 will operate via this route. Hapeville racks are supposed to "accumulate" in Jacksonville until a train is ready, then they will be brought this way. Racks are about the only thing that doesn't mind the awful track. 6) The expansion of Cagle is about complete. They are rumored to be in the market for an engine to help unload the trains, which will increase to 75 cars in length. 7) The budget this year is supposed to have included crosstie replacement from Collier to Atlanta. That was cut in the same move that laid off 500 MofW workers. Several 10 mph slow orders have begun to appear as the track condition continues to worsen. There are three slow orders on the Thomaston branch that no one has even attempted to correct for several years.

So, that should bring you up to speed on the "happenings" on this little corner of "The Donkey of Tranportation".


-- Bryan Smith (Bsmith3608@aol.com), February 17, 2000

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