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Julianna said in Saturday Night Live that she was leaving the show at the end of the season. Any of you have some guesses on how she will leave?

-- first time er fan_GD (, February 17, 2000


Response to Carol Hathaway

My guess is, she will go live with Doug. Although I do hope it's something less predictable and more surprising than that ... much as I miss Susan Lewis, I thought her exit was great (remember that blue-green cactus cake?)

-- Cindy (, February 17, 2000.

Response to Carol Hathaway

She leaves to go to Med School ... remember when she was about to tell Abbey why they were having tension and she started to say, "you might think it's stupid but ...." then a trauma came in?

She was going to tell her then.

Plus ... think about why Abbey IS Abbey. The whole point of her delivering Carole's kids and then coming to the ER was to be the impetus for Carole's eventual decision to go back to Med School.

-- serena (, February 17, 2000.

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-- DON ROARK (DFR@WEBTV.NET), February 17, 2000.

Response to Carol Hathaway

I think that she may go to med school too. I know the twins would put a hitch in it, but she could get her Mother to look after them. I know there are rumors that George Clooney will re-appear in an episode this season, but I doubt that. What, after thinking about it for 5 months, he decides he does want to see his new babies? The med- school with twins story line is more believeable!

-- KJ (, February 17, 2000.

Response to Carol Hathaway

What if Carol goes to Seattle to go to Med School, so that Doug can help with the twins?

-- Deb (, February 18, 2000.

Response to Carol Hathaway

I don't ever remember and episode where Carol told Doug that she was pregnant or that she had that babies. HE DOESN'T KNOW!!!!!! I hope she will do the right thing and at least tell him about the babies and that is how she will leave the show, not to get married or go back to med school but to go to Seattle and try to give the relationship a shot. After all the posts i have read i'm thinking most people would of liked to of see Carol be killed off last night and Lucy to stick around. Who knows? all that I know is that i will be there every thursday night to find out!

-- Heather (, February 18, 2000.

Response to Carol Hathaway

I will be sick when Carol leaves no matter how they do it. but i definitely dont want any blood or death to surround her departure

-- dawn (, February 18, 2000.

Response to Carol Hathaway

He knows! With all the rumors, the most likely scenario is going to live with Dr. Ross.

-- (, February 18, 2000.

Response to Carol Hathaway

Carol did tell Doug about her pregnancy, remember she faxed him and the power went out and her letter got stuck in the fax machine, and she made reference to calling Doug eventually after they were born. I think she will leave the show by going to Seattle to be with Doug, but they won't have him in the episode.(By the way, I am new here! I had to find someone to mourn over Lucy's death with!)

-- Danette Preston (, February 19, 2000.

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