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I watch re-runs every night as well as the surrent episodes each which, which sometimes gets a little confusing, as I've only been watching ER for a year or so! I remember when Carter's cousin (can't think of his name)spends a horendous night going through heroin withdrawal, and then I see him in a nursing facility unable to function. (Carter trying to help him put on a clean shirt after he spilled a drink on himself.) What happened in between to have him end up in this state?

-- Windy Smith (, February 17, 2000


He OD'ed on (bad?) heroin and wound up in a coma (Carter was there when he came in, of course). When he awoke, he was a semi-veggie. Needless to say, when Gamma and the gang found out Carter had known about the addition, they were seriously P.O.'d.

-- (, February 17, 2000.

Did we ever find out what happened to Chase after he went into the nursing home? Did he go into a coma? Or did the story line just end there?

-- Cindy (, February 17, 2000.

after they showed chase in the nursing home a few times they just seemed to have dropped the plotline. this is probably because there was no hope of curing him and there isn't much more you could say about him.

-- chrissie (, February 17, 2000.

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