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January 7, 2000

Update on what's happening in Spain

Millennium expenses

The Junta de Andalucma spent a total of 10,000 million pesetas over three years to avoid the so-called millennium bug affecting the computer systems of the public services in Andalucma. The regional authorities have justified this expenditure by the damage and problems that could have been caused, especially to the regional health service.

Source: The Sur, southern Spain


January 7, 2000

Manilva, southern Spain

On New Years Eve the much-feared millennium bug or 2000 effect managed to interfere with the Manilva Town Hall clock. A mechanical fault meant that the chimes did not sound at 12 oclock midnight. According to the Mayoress, Antonia Muqoz (IU), the clock was working perfectly and had been tested for the bug beforehand. In fact, the clock did chime and showed the correct time although the sound was inaudible to the people outside. Despite this hiccup, the council distributed party bags and the beginning of the year 2000 was celebrated as planned.

Source: The Sur, "Here and There"

-- Lee Maloney (, February 17, 2000

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