What musician do you think has improved with age?

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What musician do you think has improved with age?--Al

-- Al Schroeder (al.schroeder@nashville.com), February 16, 2000


Joni Mitchell. hell, that's my reply to everything, but after over 30 years, she's still making consistly good albums and her music is as strong as ever. -bethany

-- bethany (skye@unix.temple.edu), February 17, 2000.

i can't believe you (above) chose joni! that's exactly who I was gonna pick! if anyone has any doubts along these lines, simply listen to her original recording of her legendary tune "woodstock," and then to her live version years later. she definitely has grown into that wonderful tune. i saw her in concert only a year or two ago (opening for dylan, in rochester, ny), and she was as impressive as ever, no, more impressive than ever: better voice, great stage presence, per always,

-- not necessary (notnecessary@aol.com), February 17, 2000.

Paul Simon and Bruce Springsteen. I like Graceland better than anything else Simon did, and Bruce has really mellowed with age. I haven;t heard much from him lately, but than I'm not in the record stores much lately.

-- Tom Dean (tdean@haese.com), February 18, 2000.

The timing on this is unfortunate, but I believe that Julie Andrews definitely improved. I don't think she would have been anywhere near as convincing in Victor/Victoria if she had made it back in her Sound of Music days.

-- Colin (cfmckin@uswest.com), February 21, 2000.

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