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So am i the only old fart out there that thinks joshua jackson (pacey witter on dawson's creek) and Eddie Kaye Thomas (shitbrick from American Pie and now on that new sitcom called Brutally Normal) are total hotties? I feel kind of perverted to admit this, but damn they are.. sigh.. hehe but of course no one can compare to Adam... but those guys are damn cute :) ok so i am insane.. i know.. leave me alone.

-- bob (, February 16, 2000


Uhm, I don't watch Dawson, but I remember shitbrick, he was kinda cute... I guess :)

I will say that I have been guilty for thinking that youngin's have been cuties before. (Dear God I can't believe I am admitting this..)

One day, when I was in Seattle, my sister and brother-in-law had left and I was home alone. I decided to put on MUCHmusic (the canadian MTV which is SO much better) and just veg around the house. WELL.. 2 videos came on and I could not believe it, but I thought that these 2 guys from these bands were just... so adorable!

So, sue me. I thought the middle hanson was a hottie, and the youngest backstreet boy was really damn hot in the video for "My love is all I have to Give".

*hanging head in shame*

-- Fleegle (, February 16, 2000.

No, you are not crazy. I work in the mall, for goodness sake, so most of the time I'm surrounded by youngin's. Plus the fact that I look so much younger than my age. That doesn't help much either. To me, they look 21, but they're actually like 15. Eek, that's scary.

And Pacey is a hottie. :) But no, you're not crazy for looking at younger guys.

-- Katrina Marie (, February 18, 2000.

Are you shitting me? Shitbrick is a loser. He looks like he ate someone's anal beeds or something. Yuck.

Buffy is hot. And uhm. Jennifer love hewitt is hot. But they're both bitches. Have to tape their mouth shut to enjoy them. lol

-- RollingOrgazm (, February 22, 2000.

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