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Ukraine: Chernobyl nuclear station back in operation after water leak

Source: BBC Monitoring Former Soviet Union - Political Publication date: Feb 16, 2000

Text of report by Ukrainian news agency UNIAN

Kiev, 16th February: At 0430 [0230 gmt] on Wednesday [16thFebruary], upon completion of unscheduled repairs, the No 3generating set of the Chernobyl nuclear power station was reconnected to the country's power grid, the State Nuclear Control Administration information centre has told UNIAN.

The set was brought to an emergency halt on 11th February due to a water leakage caused by a fault in the main preventive valve. As of the morning of 16th February, the output of the set had been brought to 160 MW (16 per cent of its designed rating). One of its two turbo generators has been launched, the other is being prepared for launching.

The No 2 generating set of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear powerstation, which was halted on 14th February through a fault inthe turbine control system, has been brought to its full capacity of 1,000 MW. At 1930 [1730 gmt] on Tuesday [15thFebruary], the No 6 generating set of this station went into using up [the remaining] nuclear fuel to be stopped in two orthree weeks for preventive maintenance and for loading the reactor with new nuclear fuel. New fuel is also needed for the Zaporizhzhya station's No 1 generating set, which is currently under scheduled repairs.

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-- Carl Jenkins (, February 16, 2000

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