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Clarification about upcoming City of Gaithersburg meeting at Rachel Carson. --I was wondering why the meeting was being called, who was behind it (not KCA I learned), what the agenda and forum style would be. If anyone has attended one of these please share with us what transpires and if it is worth attending.

-- Pat Reed (, February 16, 2000


Response to Community Meeting 2/24/00

I spoke to Fred Felton, Asst City Manager yesterday about the community meeting. He said that they arrange at least one of these meetings each year with each community in G'burg, part of a "Counseling the Community" initiative, to discuss issues they might not be aware of, or for further discussion on ongoing concerns. He said the Mayor will kick off the meeting and then turn it over to the attendees. It will be very informal. It seems that if there is a concern that the city can help with (not losing our newsletter editor), one should be prepared with a clear question and any facts available to the speaker.

-- Pat Reed (, February 16, 2000.

Response to Community Meeting 2/24/00

One issue that I want to raise is what's going on with the Kentlands Barn, which the City is transforming into an Arts Center. Construction is behind schedule. We need to ask what the completion date will be. A number of us have served on a City committee that helped plan the Arts Center, and it is distressing to see how this project has been delayed for various reasons over the last two years. We need to communicate to the City to get the job done, and keep the community informed about progress on a regular basis (e.g. how long longer will that section of Selby Street be closed to traffic). Also, what kinds of programs will we see in the Arts Center? Can the community have a role in planning these programs?

See you at the meeting.

Bob Mauri

I talked to the City about this and was assured that David Basehart of the City Manager's Office will cover this issue at the meeting.

-- Bob Mauri (, February 16, 2000.

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